Mental health is a growing concern among Singaporean people. The 2022 National Population Health Survey revealed that approx. 17.0% of Singapore residents experienced poor health. And why does that matter for companies? This matters for companies because work stressor is one of the main reasons behind this. With a healthy mind and mental well-being, one can contribute to higher productivity. On the other hand, a negative working environment can result in physical and mental health challenges.


Causes of Work Stress

Work stress can arise from various factors related to the work itself and the work environment. The work itself refers to conditions like job scope, control, workload, pace, and schedule. The work environment refers to the organization, relationships at work, and work-life balance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, practices like work-from-home and split teams became common, leading to changes that contributed to work stress for many employees. Remote work has become more prevalent.

While some levels of work stressors may not be harmful, employers should be aware that high levels of such stressors at work can negatively impact employees’ mental well-being.

It is important for employers to conduct programs to prevent work stress from affecting well-being and productivity and to create a more supportive and inclusive workplace.

The programs can be implemented at three levels – Organization level, Team/Department level, and Individual employees.

Employers can adopt the recommendations that best support their employees’ mental well-being, based on their readiness, resources, and needs.


How Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Can Help Improve Employees’ Mental Well-Being

Reputable EAP providers in Singapore collaborate with organizations to create positive work environments, improving employees’ well-being.

With a renowned provider that has experience in working with multinational and government corporations, you can develop programs tailored to your company’s needs, offering confidential workplace counseling, wellness talks, and training.

With an employee assistance program (EAP) in Singapore, a business can offer professional guidance and support for various issues, including stress management, work-life balance, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, and more.

These providers have a team of experienced psychologists and counselors to provide workplace counseling. They can help your employees navigate challenges they may face in their professional lives.

From conflict resolution to career transitions, counseling sessions aim to equip individuals with the necessary coping strategies and tools to thrive in their workplace.


What Is Included in Employee Assistance Programs in Singapore

EAP services for employees are customized to meet the unique needs of each organization. EAP providers in Singapore work closely with employers to develop tailored EAP programs that align with their corporate culture and values. All you need is to simply contact them to discuss your organization’s individual and group needs.


Employee Assistance Programme Services

  • Wellness Talks and Workshops
  • Employee Counseling and Life Coaching
  • Confidential Helpline
  • Mental Health Advocate Programme
  • Crisis Response


Esteemed EAP providers in Singapore offer comprehensive corporate and employee assistance programs that cater to the well-being of both employees and organizations. Their company wellness programs, EAP services, workplace counseling, and other services are designed to address the specific needs and challenges of the corporate setting. By prioritizing mental health and providing timely support, your organizations can develop a healthy and thriving workplace culture.