In the realm of professional communication, the Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets emerge as powerful tools, designed to elevate your collaboration experience. With a focus on flexibility, crystal-clear audio, and user comfort, these headsets cater to the diverse needs of modern professionals. Let’s explore the key features and specifications that make the Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets an essential companion for enhanced productivity.

Key Features:

Unified Communications Excellence:

The Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets seamlessly integrate with unified communications platforms, providing a unified solution for professionals. Compatible with both Windows and MAC OS, these headsets ensure a consistent communication experience across different operating systems.

Versatile Connectivity Options:

Choose the connectivity option that suits your preferences. The headsets are available with a standard USB (USB-A) connector, offering compatibility with a wide range of devices. This ensures a hassle-free connection to your PC or laptop for seamless communication.

Premium Audio Quality:

Immerse yourself in premium audio quality with hi-fi stereo sound. The headsets deliver a rich and immersive audio experience, making them ideal for voice calls, music streaming, and multimedia applications.

Noise-Canceling Microphone:

The built-in noise-canceling microphone enhances call clarity by minimizing background noise. Enjoy crystal-clear conversations even in bustling office environments, ensuring that your voice is heard with utmost clarity.

Comfortable and Durable Design:

Designed for extended use, the Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets feature a lightweight and durable design. The adjustable headband ensures a custom fit, while the plush ear cushions provide comfort during prolonged wear.

Intuitive In-Line Controls:

Stay in control of your communication with the in-line controls. Adjust volume, mute your microphone, and answer or end calls effortlessly with the convenient controls, allowing you to focus on your tasks without disruptions.

Dynamic EQ for Optimal Voice Quality:

The dynamic EQ feature optimizes voice quality during calls, automatically adjusting EQ settings based on the communication scenario. Whether you’re on a call or enjoying multimedia content, the Poly Blackwire C3320 adapts to deliver an optimal audio experience.

Security and Hearing Protection:

The headsets incorporate SoundGuard technology, offering acoustic limiting to protect against sounds above 118 dBA. This ensures hearing protection in varying audio environments, prioritizing user safety.


The Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets are not just communication devices; they are instruments of enhanced collaboration. With a focus on delivering superior audio quality, comfort, and intuitive controls, these headsets empower professionals to stay connected and productive. Elevate your collaboration experience with the Poly Blackwire C3320 USB-A headsets—a reliable companion for the modern workplace.