In our modern era, interest in electric vehicles (EVs) continues to build substantially, moulded by the rising consciousness towards environmental sustainability and shift towards green transport. The popularity of EVs in Australia is soaring; in fact, car market analyst company Vfacts reported a significant 90.6% rise in sales of electric and hybrid cars in Australia between 2019 and 2020. Alongside this growth, the demand for efficient electric vehicle charging stations is also climbing rapidly. For businesses, the installation of EV charging stations offers a myriad of benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons why local businesses, big and small, should consider this innovative investment.

The Top 10 Benefits

1. Attracting a Broader Clientele

EV charging stations can attract a broader, more diverse range of customers to your business as drivers can recharge their electric vehicles while frequenting your establishment.

2. Showcasing Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Businesses that support EVs demonstrate a commitment to a greener future, sustainable transport, and corporate environmental accountability, thus enhancing brand value and corporate image.

3. Earning Additional Revenue

When businesses offer paid EV charging services, it can serve as an extra revenue stream.

4. Boosting Employee Satisfaction

An EV charging station can boost employee satisfaction, especially if your company has or is considering a green-car fleet.

5. Accessing Government Incentives

With the Australian government providing generous incentives for green initiatives, businesses can save costs through grants and deductions.

6. Increased Property Value:

Adding an EV charging station can increase property value due to the enhanced amenity.

7. Marketing Advantage

Given the widespread focus on sustainability, showcasing an EV station on-site can be a strong marketing point for your business.

8. Longer Visiting Duration

Customers using the charging station tend to spend more time in your establishment, potentially translating to higher spending.

9. Potential Partnerships with EV Manufacturers

With charging facilities, businesses may attract partnerships with EV manufacturers, offering promotional opportunities or co-branding.

10. Future-Proofing the Business

As the shift towards electric vehicles gains traction, including charging stations ensures your business remains current and future-ready.


The decision to install an electric vehicle charging station represents more than a mere commitment to environmental mindfulness; it also presents an opportunity to position your business at the forefront of a rapidly approaching future. From enhancing perceived brand value to tapping into the emerging market of EV users, the benefits are clear and palpable.

With abundant resources like sunshine and wide-open spaces, Australia is poised to capitalise on the EV boom. As a business owner, recognising this trend and its potential could reap economic rewards and contribute towards Australia’s shift to a sustainable, environmentally responsible future. As the saying goes, “A green tree starts with a small seed.” The decision to invest in EV charging station installation may be the seed for many Australian businesses, sparking exponential growth in this flourishing field.