Discover facial yoga, the new trend to end sagging faces. Just like you go to the gym to tone your abs, glutes, or arms, you must also exercise your face. Yes, as you have read. The face should also be exercised. Do you not believe it? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything.

 Face yoga for forehead wrinkles is “a technique that consists of stretches, toning exercises, and massages that help all the muscles of the face to maintain their strength and elasticity.”

Benefits of face yoga for forehead wrinkle

The practice of this discipline provides multiple benefits, among them the following stand out:

Fight to sag

Lack of hydration or little physical exercise can cause sagging of the face. So, incorporating the practice of facial yoga into your routine will activate the muscles of the face and improve the circulation of blood vessels, improving the visible appearance of the skin.

It provides flexibility to the skin

The more flexible the facial skin is, the later it will age. Thus, the skin remains smoother, allowing not only the reduction of but also the elimination of wrinkles. However, skin flexibility is achieved by combining yoga with internal and external hydration.

Oxygenating the skin will help it circulate, and moisturizing products will be absorbed more effectively. Thus, combining both habits will constantly increase the benefits of facial exercises.

Strengthens facial and neck muscles

Working the muscles of the face using face yoga for forehead wrinkle keeps the skin tighter and in place, reducing its sagging. In this way, the muscles and skin of the neck are also strengthened, causing fat to be reduced.

Stimulates facial circulation

Facial yoga stimulates the circulation of blood vessels and rejuvenates the skin thanks to its oxygenation of the face and the body. During the process, the blood removes nutrient waste and eliminates unnecessary toxins for the body and the appearance of the skin.

In short, facial yoga has many benefits for the face. By putting the exercises into practice, the facial muscles are toned, and the skin on the face looks younger and more cared for. 

Put it into practice with facial massages

Do you dare to try face yoga for forehead wrinkle? If so, the exercises are very varied and accessible. Also, if you were worried about where you would do it or how much money you had to spend, don’t worry because they are self-massages designed to be done from home.

The massages you should perform depend on what you want to achieve. You can do everything from working on your face to eliminate tension to doing stretches to lift your cheeks, define your facial oval, raise your eyebrows, or get fuller lips.

Of course, remember: the movements you make must always be upwards. No matter what exercise, from the inside out. Never the other way around!

And tip of the day: you should use the famous facial rollers for better results. Suppose you have seen these utensils but didn’t know their usefulness; now you know, fire lover.

The following positions cannot be missing from a complete face yoga for forehead wrinkle plan :

Neck roll It focuses on the neck muscles and consists of tilting the head forward and slowly turning it to the right and left until it reaches the shoulder. Three repetitions should be performed on each side.

Kiss the sky It is one of the most popular facial yoga activities because it allows you to restore firmness to the neck and jawline. First, the head must be tilted upward, and once the position is reached, the gesture of throwing a kiss is made. Experts advise repeating it ten times.

Soft smile The initial step is to hide the teeth with the lips and put the mouth in a circular shape. Next, the corner is stretched to achieve a friendly smile that hides the teeth. It must be done a minimum of six times.

Glossy skin This facial yoga plan aims to reactivate skin circulation to improve its appearance. Using the thumb and index finger, gently squeeze the entire facial area, especially the cheeks and nasolabial fold. The exercise usually lasts 30 seconds and is very interesting in the morning.