Since this MOT test was started by law, every single process is made with a rule. Welcome to our blog here we have shared all the information you need to ensure that you can take the right steps whenever required.

Simple Reasons Why Cars Fail their MOT Test

You need to understand that most vehicles fail to pass an MOT test more than once due to minor problems. If car owners pay attention to getting these repaired early, such failures will not occur. Now, we are going to share some common and simple reasons why a car does not pass the test in the first attempt:

  • Check to know if any clutter or dirt has entered the boot, or cabin as it hinders them from functioning car properly. So make sure to clean it thoroughly before attending the MOT Test London.
  • Although it takes a few minutes to clean the windscreen, people avoid it and then face failure. Since the windscreen is not clear or appears to be broken, a driver’s visibility problem should be considered.
  • The registration plates installed in your car must comply with the rules set by the DVLA and not be inaccurate as it is proof of your vehicle’s registration and contain many details about it. Many people use its personalized plate, so they need to make sure that all the letters are completely visible and in the correct form, here we are also talking about spaces.
  • The dashboard warning light plays a huge role when you drive your car, which is why it is also checked in the MOT test. If you think there is a problem, get it checked before going for the test.
  • Mirrors need to be in perfect condition as they help to make our driving experience safe, so you should check them for any cracks or visibility issues before sending your car for an MOT test.

How Long Does It Take for A Vehicle to Undergo MOT Test? 

The MOT test takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, but if we consider this as an average time there are some variations.

For instance, if your car has to be repaired again because it fails the test, then more time is spent here.

Secondly, if there is no repair-related issue, it may take more than 1 hour to go through all the testing and other procedures. We are saying this because the tester will ask you to bring your car to his station in the morning to complete some formalities. This means you will have to leave your vehicle at the station for a day.

What If Your Car Fails Its MOT Test 

If for some reason you cannot pass your Tyres London the tester will provide you with a VT30 certificate. From this, it becomes clear that due to some problem, this vehicle has not been allowed to run on the road.

If any danger problem is reported, you should not drive your vehicle or take it anywhere beyond the MOT centre as there is a possibility of an accident. In such a situation, if you have to take it to an auto garage then you will need the help of another big vehicle which can pull it, otherwise if you also have this problem then you can get it resolved from the same centre.

Remember, if the vehicle does not pass even after fixing all the problems and sending it for re-testing, you are still banned from driving. If someone uses a vehicle in public without an MOT test certificate, he will have to face certain penalties. If despite all this you still have to drive, the police will take away your driving license as per the rules.

Is this Possible to Visit A Different Garage for An MOT Re-test? 

When you are unable to pass the MOT test, you can also send it elsewhere for MOT re-test. Remember, if all necessary repairs are carried out at a different workshop but you go to the same centre where your original test was carried out you will get a discount, as you will have to pay a partial fee for the full MOT Test. Keep in mind that this is possible if you follow the specific period otherwise, there is no option for it.

Another thing is, if all the repairs mentioned in the failure document have been done and you plan to send it for retesting at a different station, keep in mind that you will have to pay the full MOT test fee.

How Much to Pay for An MOT Test 

The MOT test varies for all vehicles depending on several factors. All centres can charge only what is prescribed by the authorities. The fee is £29.65 for all types of motorcycles, including a sidecar the size of the engine, while if you talk about light vans, cars taxis and ambulances you will have to pay £54.85 to have them inspected. If a vehicle fails to pass the test, you will also have to pay re-test fees which depend on some period. Therefore, if you want to get such details, you need to carefully read the VT30 certificate.