Need a new fishing kayak for this (and future) seasons? Don’t overlook a powered model like an Old Town Autopilot 120.

These are powerful fishing kayaks pre-configured with plenty of thrust and stability for big open water, including saltwater.

This kayak can get you to and from your spot in record time and offer much more that will change the way you think about yak fishing.

● This fishing kayak is tough. It’s made with a single layer polyethylene hull that is naturally rot and mildew resistant. Polyethylene is also strong, flexible, and durable (and resistant to cracking) at both high and low temperatures, making it perfect for this application.

● The Old Town Autopilot 120 is outfitted with a 24 lb motor console, a saltwater-ready 45 lb thrust Minn Kota motor that is easy to control, fast, and efficient.

● The motor combines with a foot brace that enables easy, effortless, truly hands-free controls so you can get to where you need to and keep your hands free for casting, fighting, or control of the vessel.

● It’s outfitted with “Spot-Lock Technology” that enables you to hold a sport effortlessly so you can keep over the fish, even in the face of adverse conditions. No more jockeying with pedal drives and paddles; the Autopilot 120 does it for you.

● The Autopilot 120 is engineered for comfort, with a premium, dual-layer “textilene” seat that is durable, UV-resistant, and even easy to clean. It’s also rigged with a 3D mesh that improves breathability for comfort in hot, wet conditions, and the seat is removable for cleaning or transport.

● The Autopilot 120 isn’t overwhelmingly heavy. All assembled, it’s only 152 lbs (and you can remove the seat and motor console, which eliminates like 30 lbs or so) which is not that bad for modern sit-on-top kayaks, streamlining transportation.

● The Autopilot 120 has EVA foam deck pads with scuppers that not only lend a slip-free grip, even in adverse conditions, but which automatically bail the cockpit when things get rough. It also features a DoubleU Hull that’s exceptionally stable, perfect for standing.

● Four flush-mounted rod holders keep your fishing outfits where you need them when you need them, and two are rear-facing to streamline trolling.

● There’s room for dry storage in front of the motor console in the bow, where you can stash your valuables and other essentials.

● A large tie-down at the rear has more than enough room for even the biggest tackle boxes, bags and coolers – or whatever else you need to bring on the water.

● There are four 18” accessory tracks that enable effortless expansion with vital kayak fishing accessories.

● A pre-configured mount at the stern enables you to effortlessly mount a shallow-water anchor system.

Sold? There are many more features other than these. If you want to learn more about the Old Town Autopilot 120, check it out online at No Bad Days Kayak, and get in touch with their customer service at 512-229-0560. In the event some other kayak would suit you better, they’ll make personalized recommendations.

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