Kolhapur is a princely town of Maharashtra bounty of history and natural attractions. It is a such a beautiful small town in Maharashtra with numerous attractions to enjoy a lot. The history, spirituality, natural beauty, of Kolhapur seeks everyone attention to visit it. This Maratha beautiful small town may be small in size but when it comes to tourist attractions the list will go on to watch in Kolhapur’s attractions.


Here the list of top 5 places to be visited in Kolhapur through the Deccan Odyssey a grandeur and royal voyage. The Maharashtra Splendor of Deccan Odyssey itinerary will leave you in Kolhapur on day 5. From that moment start praising the admirable beauty of Kolhapur.

Mahalakshmi Temple:

Mahalakshmi temple in Kolhapur is a very important temple among numerous temples in Kolhapur. This temple was dedicated to Goddess Durga or locally known as Amba Devi. Mahalakshmi temple is a very sacred place with a glimpse of beautiful architectural styles like carved ceilings, pillars, and sculptures.

According to history this temple is one of the famous medieval temples in India and built by Chalukyas. Importance of the temple means Goddess Durga deity adorned with precious stones and diamonds. Other attractions of the temple are deities of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, and Ganesha. Mahalakshmi temple in Kolhapur is a spiritual way for devotees.

Rankala Lake:

A serene lake of Kolhapur built by Maharaja Chattrapati Shivaji in the 1800’s. Rankala Lake is a prominent tourist spot of Kolhapur with a large number of daily visitors. Everyone in the town gathers at the lake by evening to see the picturesque view of the sunset at the lake.

Lake surrounded by green gardens and laid floral beds adds more charm and beauty to the lake. The name Rankala came to the lake after the temple Rankabhairav temple in the center of the lake. Visiting Rankala lake shouldn’t miss in Kolhapur and also never miss the recreational rides like boating and horse rides.

New Palace:

New Palace in Kolhapur is a captivating place to know about the Maratha’s history and different architectural styles. The first floor of the palace meant for the present Maharaja’s and the ground floor houses beautiful collections of costumes, weapons, jewelry, games, etc belong to the past Maharajas.

The major attraction of this palace is its majestic museum known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. This museum displays collection of the guns, trophies, and garments of the ruler Chattrapati Shivaji, weapons, double-barrelled shotgun, and various types of guns. An interesting part of the museum is the collection of animals like black panthers, wild dogs, etc.

Town Hall:

Town Hall is a beautiful complex building with unique architectural style in Kolhapur, built by Charles Mant. The Town Hall complex is a marvelous building with a Hospital known as Chhatrapati Pamela Raje Hospital, trees, fountains, Mahadevi Mandir, and a famous museum.

The museum of the complex is home to some rare sculptures saved form the Mahalakshmi temple, beads, pottery fragments, old coins, and items of the Satavahana period. Popular attractions of the museum are figures of Greek God, Poseidon, elephant riders, etc.

Panhala Fort:

A famous fort of Kolhapur at a height of 3128 feet built by Emperor Bhoja. This fort is the most visited place in Kolhapur with thousands of visitors due to its pleasant climatic conditions and historical significance. This fort is the best witness of many wars between Marathas and Mughals with its ruined walls.

Attractions of the Fort are Teen Darwaza, Amber Khana, Sajji Kothi, and numerous mausoleums. Panhala Fort is the must-visit fort in Kolhapur to learn about the history of Maratha through artistically fashioned walls and scriptures. Due to the tranquil environment and pleasantness, Panhala fort is known as the weekend destination of Kolhapur.

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