Studying in the UK and craving some good food? Well, as Indians, no matter which part of the world we go to, we will always look for some of the best places to eat at, and here are a few eateries in the UK for Indian students that you must check out.

A lot of Indians aspire to go abroad for educational purposes. Indians and their love for food are known to all. They eat all kinds of mainstream meat and fish, some are even vegetarian and vegan, but the search for good food is a constant. The UK is a popular destination for higher studies, and most Indian students prefer it over other countries due to reasons, such as comparatively lower expense overall than studying in the US and more accessible.

When it comes to UK eateries, Indian students are spoiled with choices. You may walk into the Beagle, which offers some vegan-friendly options; the Temple of Seitan is a good place to eat if you are craving Asian cuisine and many others. Students can also grab a quick bite from some of the street food stalls. There are both high-end places in the UK to eat and restaurants that provide affordable, good food.

Several restaurants have been created in the UK, which celebrate Indian food. Some restaurants even have Indian chefs, and don’t be surprised to know that the national dish of the UK is chicken tikka masala. People love it for its aromatic spices and creamy flavor. Some other favorite Indian dishes in the UK are butter chicken, malai kofta, rogan josh chole bhature, chaat items and the good old saag paneer.

Here are the 10 best Indian eateries in the UK for Indian students that are worth trying out.


An excellent restaurant in the UK, Darbaar, is a solo project of the acclaimed chef Abdul Yaseen. The restaurant won the ‘best newcomer in the British Curry Awards’ last year. The restaurant has a royal touch to it; it is inspired by the banquets of the Indian Royal Court, and the chefs here cook in a very traditional way to maintain authenticity. The restaurant’s extensive menu features dishes from all over India. You can try the Kashmiri lamb rogan josh or the Royal Bengal-style wild Madagascar prawns and more. Darbaar is a great spot to connect with friends and share a hearty meal on a relaxed day.

Namaaste Kitchen

If you are looking for a fine dining option, then this could be just the place. Namaaste Kitchen in Camden is a popular eatery and serves a host of delicious Indian cuisines. You can have some traditional curries, amazing biryanis and a delicious range of gluten-free, vegan and halal options too. The restaurant also offers some set menus and tasting menus which are budget-friendly options for students.

Southbank Tandoori

Just a short walk from London’s Southbank and bustling Waterloo, home to the London Eye, this restaurant is a must-visit for every Indian student. It serves some delicious northern Indian dishes. The location of this restaurant is too good, and the food here is quite budget-friendly. You will find all your favorite classic dishes and keep coming back for more.

Hankies Marble Arch

Located in the heart of London, in Montcalm Hotel, this restaurant is a foodie’s delight. It is owned by chef Ani Arora, and the menu is inspired by India’s ancient culinary traditions and authentic dishes. It is actually quite inexpensive, and you must try out its signature roomali roti, breads (hankies) alongside the grills and tandoor dishes, black dahl (the Hankies dal). It gives you the similar taste you get from Delhi street food. The menu is a collection of small plates, which its waiter describes as “tapas style”. It is all inexpensive; in fact, the most expensive dish on the menu, a ribeye steak, is only £9. More than a hotel restaurant (though still a hotel restaurant), Hankies is a solid spot to stop if you are hankering for good Indian food at an equally good price.

Gujarati Rasoi

Well, there is no need for vegans and vegetarians to feel left out because if you are looking for some veg food in the UK, this one is for you! At Gujarati Rasoi, you will find endless dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Some traditional Gujarati cuisines are definitely going to be your soul food. The restaurant uses family recipes, and the food here feels like home-cooked meals. The menu changes weekly, the ambience is laidback, and there is a friendly vibe which makes it an ideal place for dinner with friends.

Dosa n Chutney

When talking about Indian students, we cannot miss out on their love for South Indian food. If you are an Indian, living in the UK and craving some dosas, then you have to visit this restaurant. It makes some very simple dishes, crispy dosa with a sweet sambar and fresh coconut chutneys. These dosas cost under £5, making it one of the best Indian joints in London. The overall dining experience is something you will enjoy, and this is one of the best vegetarian places in the UK to have a quintessential South Indian breakfast.

Indian Tiffin Room

One of the most popular Indian street-food restaurants that have been set up by eminent chefs is an amalgamation of regional dishes, flavors and healthy ingredients from across India. You can have some light bites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are dosas, idly, savory steamed dumplings, homemade Punjabi-style vegetable samosas, bhelpuri and much more in store for you.


A sleek Indian restaurant, located in one of the most buzzing areas in London, this restaurant is a popular choice of many Indians in the UK. It celebrates the traditional family recipes by giving them a modern twist. The ingredients and spices used are carefully picked. The restaurant is mostly crowded, but very vibrant and comforting. Its menu has taken inspiration from all across India.


Dishoom can make you wait in long queues around the block, but it is well worth the wait! Homage to the Irani cafes once commonplace in Bombay, this restaurant is everything an Indian student would want to visit. It serves great, flavorful marinated meats, fresh from the grill and rich and hearty curries. The flavor combinations are incredible, and it is a great place to have amazing conversations.

Calcutta Street

Bengali street food restaurant, Calcutta Street brings some authentic taste of home to the UK capital. The restaurant stands out due to its great food quality and taste. You can have Calcutta’s special phuchka, crisp semolina balls filled with spiced potato – each accompanied by homemade chutney, hearty and flavorsome dishes.

Key takeaways

  • There are several eating places in the UK for Indians.
  • As an Indian student in the UK, you may want to eat Indian food, and above mentioned are some of the restaurants you can visit. While there are fancy ones, there are some really affordable ones and you can visit them with your friends.
  • You can connect with people over food. If you are an Indian student in the UK and have to take your new friends for an Indian meal, then make sure you try these restaurants. They will thank you for it.
  • As a student studying abroad, you may not always find time to cook or you may miss home; then, the best option is to dine out in one of these restaurants which will definitely make you feel at home.

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