When it comes to creating classic interior decor in modern times, it means you have to infuse classic and traditional tile designs that can stand the test of time, thereby never becoming an outdated-looking interior. From ancient monuments to modern-day interiors, tiles have been used to upgrade the visual aesthetics of spaces. But these days, you can even expect to elevate the functionality and usability of your space by adding tiles to the walls and floors of your space. You can explore a wide range of classic design tiles in any well-known tile shop in Bengaluru to elevate your interiors in such a way that they will never feel out of style. 


Classic Tile Designs to Infuse into Your Bengaluru House 

Vintage Hexagon Designs 

One of the cleanest historical tiles designs is the vintage hexagonal design. These designs offer a soothing sense to the mind while being highly easy to maintain. These days, hexagonal tiles come in different designs and sizes, which can provide a powerful visual impact within the space. The tiny hexagonal designs are ideal for flooring in bathrooms and kitchens, while the bigger hexagonal tile designs look great in an outdoor setup, like garden patios. All in all, the hexagonal tile designs can be used in many areas, including backsplashes. You can create a stunning backsplash if you choose vibrant and attractive colours of hexagonal tiles. 


Herringbone Patterns

The herringbone pattern is a classic layout that has been used to elevate spaces for several centuries. This design can evoke a sense of timelessness and traditional appeal to the interiors. These days, there are multiple tile designs with herringbone patterns, ranging from wooden herringbone to plain herringbone tiles. These tile designs will never go out of style and offer a luxurious look to the space. You can infuse the understated appeal of these tiles to provide a more classic look to the space. They can be used on your kitchen and bathroom backsplashes to add a visual impact and create a focal point in the space. Also, you can use them for an exotic floor design in your living room or bedroom if you lay wooden herringbone tiles on the floor. 


Wooden Tile Designs

Wooden flooring has always been an attractive choice for centuries. Nowadays, you have a great replacement for real hardwood that can imitate the textures and looks of real wood. It is nothing but wooden tiles that are specifically designed to infuse the natural vibe and warmth of real wood but with a higher level of durability and lifespans. So, wooden floor tiles can offer an appreciating blend of practicality and aesthetics for any modern-day house in Bengaluru. Besides that, these tiles can provide a rustic, cosy, and welcoming feel to any modern ambience. They are also easy to maintain, making them a suitable flooring choice for busy homeowners in the tech city of Bengaluru. Plus, they are highly versatile and can also be used on walls in modern settings to give them a distinctive look. You can pair these tiles with various decor styles, simplifying the coordination game of furniture. 


Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo flooring is a classic floor tile design option that has been used in Indian homes for decades. You must have also seen terrazzo flooring in some old houses yourself. However, these days, you can find a better and more substantial way to have terrazzo flooring, and it is by using premium-quality terrazzo tiles. These tiles offer a sense of timeless beauty and aesthetics to any decor. Also, they come in diverse options with colour and pattern variants. So, you can be creative and experiment with these tile designs to elevate your overall interior decor. Moreover, these tiles are available in large sizes and can be used on both walls and floors to create a seamless look in compact spaces. From kitchen backsplash to bathroom flooring, you can infuse them in a variety of ways. 


Rustic Elegant Tile Designs

When you want to give your interiors a classic look, creating a minimalist look and adding a touch of rustic elegance is always a good idea. You can consider weathered wooden tiles or plain tiles in soft or muted tones to transform your bedroom or living room walls. These tile designs can offer a cosy and inviting feel to any interior setting. Also, you can consider rustic floor tile designs, such as terracotta and textured tiles, which can add warmth and character to the space. That’s why they are ideal for creating a timeless and sophisticated ambience. Any good and trusted tile shop in Bengaluru can provide diverse tile designs in soft or muted hues to create a traditional, farmhouse-inspired design or a more contemporary rustic look. 


Checkerboard Patterns 

Another tiling design that has been popular for years is the checkerboard floor look. It is one of the classic tiles designs that are as elegant as old historical monuments. You can simply use black and white tiles of the same square size and lay the tiles alternatively to create the classic checkerboard floor look. This floor design can also be made using square floor tiles of different tile sizes. With this floor design, you can dress up your space in a highly formal way. Also, this floor design creates a visual pathway that draws the eyes down any narrow space while widening its appearance. 



Classic tiles designs can add a traditional touch to any house in Bengaluru, and Orientbell Tiles Boutique, as a leading tile shop in Bengaluru, offers a wide selection of classic tile designs to suit any style. From rustic wooden tiles to timeless terrazzo tiles, you can find wall and floor tiles of all kinds under one roof. So, visit this tile store today and explore the extensive collection of classic tile designs for creating stunning spaces.

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