In the realm of SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM), several vendors have established themselves as key players by offering a range of features and capabilities tailored to enhance the security of SaaS applications. Here’s an overview of the leading SSPM vendors for 2024, combining insights from various sources.

  1. AI

Get full visibility and fast incident response for misconfigurations and Shadow IT, including unsanctioned third-party apps/browser extensions, with SpinSPM – a solution within the SpinOne platform. Reduce security, compliance, and data loss risks while reducing manual workloads.

  1. Push Security

Push Security offers a comprehensive SSPM solution that provides real-time visibility into SaaS usage, manages third-party supply chain risks, and automates fixes. It’s user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with existing security tools, suitable for security teams of all sizes​​.

  1. Veza Core Authorization Platform

Veza Core specializes in streamlining and enhancing the authorization process. It’s particularly effective for enforcing fine-grained access control policies, thus improving security and compliance. The platform is also beneficial for simplifying the administration of access control policies​​.

  1. Zilla Security

Zilla Security focuses on maintaining a secure and compliant posture for identity and access across various digital services. It stands out for its ability to bring together diverse digital services into a unified identity security solution, even for apps lacking security APIs​​.

  1. Zscaler

Zscaler’s offerings include Workload Posture for misconfiguration identification and remediation, Private Access for secure cloud application access, and Cloud Connector for secure cloud and Internet connections. It’s known for its cloud-native security solutions but may be more suited for organizations with a significant cloud presence due to its pricing​​.

  1. Netskope

Netskope provides visibility and control over cloud applications and web traffic, acting as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It offers robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and threat protection capabilities, with data centers spread across over 50 regions globally​​.

Key SSPM Features and Capabilities

  • Continuous Monitoring & Remediation: Essential for rapid response to security risks, with 24/7 oversight and fast remediation of misconfigurations​​.
  • Comprehensive Security Checks: Including aspects like identity and access management, malware protection, data leakage protection, and compliance policies​​.
  • Integration and System Functionality: SSPM solutions should integrate smoothly with existing cybersecurity infrastructure and support a wide range of SaaS applications​​.


When selecting an SSPM solution, consider factors like the breadth and depth of SaaS app coverage, integration capabilities, continuous monitoring, and remediation features. The right SSPM solution can provide organizations with a robust defense against SaaS-related security threats.