Every parent wants their child to be independent; however, it is not a cakewalk. Teaching independence to the kids is not easy for the parents who act out of their basic instinct to protect their munchkin. Parents make things easier for them and do not allow them to attempt the experience of struggling or making a mistake. But this is a big NO, and the best IB School in Gurgaon always insists parents to keep a step back and let the child learn from the mistakes.

It’s time to LET GO!

Giving your child opportunities to instill independence is crucial for developing self-esteem in them from early childhood. It is always a hard time for parents with just a thought about how their kid will climb the stairs all by themself. 

Today, in this fast-paced, stressful life, every parent should nurture the first seed of independence. Kids might make it all messy and end up in disappointment, when you ask them to do a task, but they need to be challenged. It takes immense effort, time, and dedication for the parents to develop the skills and grit needed to do things on their own.

Educators are equally important in shaping their mindset of overcoming every challenge. Vedanya International School, an esteemed IB School in Gurgaon, understands the struggles of parents who try to build confidence and decision-making skills in their youngsters! 

Here is a list of a few simple tips to guide your kid toward self-reliance.

Ignore Their Mistakes

Kids don’t prefer to be judged and corrected each time. Let your children make mistakes which will help them to succeed in life. When they make a mistake, don’t scold them; instead, say positive words to encourage them that they will do better next time. It’s time to remember that perfection is not the goal; making them learn to take responsibility is the ultimate goal. 

The educators of the Vedanya International School know it is difficult to see learners struggle with their assignments. Educators of this reputed school help to develop a strong mindset of the learners, and with that they can overcome any challenging situation confidently. 

Design A Space For Learning

Parents should create an adequate space purely for learning. Designating a space where the kids can organize their toys and books all alone will impact their ability to be independent. Parents can think of different ways to give the opportunity to the child to do something on their own. For instance, you can build a rack for their story books or toys, which they can keep their prized things. This little feeling of arranging their things in a designated space will instill a sense of belonging in them. 

Educators at the best IB School in Gurgaon teach the learners to use such space to enjoy the joy of self-driven knowledge by reading their favorite storybooks. Such a corner in the classroom will give the kids a chance of learning at their own pace.  

Indulge Them in Household Tasks

Parents should ask their children to put their toys after their playtime or help them with their laundry. Parents should provide them with chances to do age-appropriate things at home. Kids love to help their parents and this makes them feel important. 

The chores should be according to their age. And involving them in completing those little household tasks will empower them with self-esteem. 

Skill-Building Activities

Educators at the Vedanta International School encourage young learners to participate in skill-building activities for their holistic growth. They understand that cultivating their interest will help them grow into their passion or profession in the later days.

The school helps to nurture independence beyond academics. The school provides a platform for skill-building activities like pottery class, a coding workshop and many others to foster resilience. These activities challenge their curious mind and bodies and make them come out of their comfort zones. 

The Bottom Line

By setting up opportunities to develop independence, educators and parents need to reward their little efforts and bravery. Educators at the IB school in Gurgaon offer positive feedback and applause for each little victory for their learners – be it trying on their shoelaces all alone, or  completing a drawing in the class first, or putting their books in the proper place – all need encouragement.  

Celebrating the little wins will boost their morale and motivate them to aim for more accomplishment. As parents, the cheers and their simple act of acknowledging their little job can pave the way to building a confident & an independent child.