Standard back injuries can be either short-term, acute, or long-term, chronic. The duration of acute distress might range from a few days to numerous weeks. Since chronic pain might persist for months at a time, determining its source can be challenging. You may have either an acute or dull discomfort in your back due to a back injury. Your back can get injured in some ways and in different places, such as your middle back, lower back, or upper back. See the specialists in pain management at Back Pain Doctor West Orange if you have a back injury.

Nonsurgical Back Pain Relief Methods

A fast diagnosis and back pain therapy will significantly enhance your route to healing, regardless of whether you imagine you have a sprain or strain, arthritis, herniated disc, neuropathy, spinal stenosis, or another ailment.

The following are a few of the nonsurgical spine treatments we provide at our locations in New Jersey:

Chinese medicine

This complementary and alternative medicine involves inserting tiny needles into specific bodily pressure points to relieve pain for many patients.

Massage therapy

Regular therapeutic massage stimulates blood flow, loosens the muscles, and relieves despair. It is also frequently enjoyable.


When over-the-counter medication is insufficient and used as required, a prescription can offer valuable short-term ease from back pain, even if it is not a remedy.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Back pain center facilities offer specialized physical therapy choices and efficient treatments for back discomfort.

The following back pain treatments are frequently beneficial in effectively relieving back pain for people whose back and spine disorders do not respond to more conservative therapies.

Nerve stimulator implanted

This back pain treatment includes having a tiny device inserted beneath the skin. The device’s electrical impulse blocks pain signals to the afflicted nerves, relieving back pain.

Ablation of radiofrequency

A small needle is injected into the skin close to the source of distress during an ablation procedure for back pain. By damaging the surrounding nerve, radio waves are injected through the needle to relieve back pain by stopping the brain from obtaining pain signals.

Spinal maneuvering

This method of treating back pain includes applying spinal pressure. During a spinal traction treatment, a physical therapist or spinal traction device gradually extends the spine. By moving the spine, a back pain doctor woodland can relieve pressure on injured spinal joints, frequently relieving back discomfort.

Injections into trigger issues to control pain

Using a needle to infiltrate a numbing agent and sometimes additional medication directly into muscle knots is known as a trigger point injection, which is a treatment for back pain.

In summary

Patients from other areas can receive top-notch nonsurgical spine care and back pain therapies from back pain doctor nj. Our team of expert neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons collaborates one-on-one with patients to develop a customized back discomfort restorative plan centered on their long-term health purposes.

Experts will endeavor to determine the reason for your sudden or persistent back discomfort and develop a personalized treatment plan.