When it’s the birthday of someone special, or for that matter any other person, there cannot be any alternative to the cake, which plays the role of a protagonist, other than the birthday boy or girl, without which an occasion is deemed incomplete. Therefore, choosing the right cake with a desired theme is key to bringing a smile onto the face of the special person, for whom the celebration is all about. And, if you’re residing in a city like Glendale CA, popular bakeries like “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” can actually be a great choice, when it comes to ordering a designer birthday cake.


Anytime of the year, and one such local bakery in Glendale prepares a wide variety of birthday cakes for all ages in some delectable themes, designs and fillings, perfectly satisfying the taste of customers. Whether it is a mini cake, red rounded raspberry cake, fruit designer cake, autumn leaves cake or a chocolate strawberry kiwi cake; you’re going to like the texture, taste, filling, topping, color, theme, and the overall decoration with ‘edible’ ribbons, pearls, fruits, nuts, berries and cream. This is how a ‘special occasion’ cake should look like, with all the decorative items and delicious fillings.


A Birthday Cake Shop Specializing in Designer Baked Delights in Bespoke Themes


A birthday without a cake is like a garden without flowers. Therefore, you need to choose from a list of popular birthday cake makers near me or you that prepare a world of baked stuff in special themes. You can order a rose design cake, cracked design cake, butterfly & flower cake or a dessert themed colorful cake from one such bakery in town that has mastered the art of cake & pastry making, with some highly experienced pastry chefs showcasing their extraordinary skills in traditional baking and bespoke birthday cake making.


Whether it is a Small 6” Angry Birds Theme Cake or a Large 10” Tiramisu Pastry cake, you can now get it all delivered to your home, when ordered at least 2-3 hours in advance. And, with your choice of fillings like nutella, chocolate chips, raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream, walnuts, almonds, berries & mocha; the special person is going to definitely love the taste and design, which is perfectly blended and balanced. Moreover, with the topping of fresh whipped cream, cherries, jelly beans, Oreo/chocolate chips and colorful decorations, it’s totally worth the money spent for an occasion like a birthday.