Selling more means more happy satisfied customers selling even more. In the current era of cut-throat competition, the owner’s question of ‘how to increase sales in the supermarket’ runs in front of all. If your cash in-flow is degrading, figure out why it is and see a solution. The secret in this regard is to make the customer enjoy an unforgettable experience that he/she will never forget to mention. This will guarantee repeat business and also result in new customers through referrals.

What to do to raise supermarket sales?

Below you will find several points for a Kirana shop or a supermarket as to how to increase product sales patterns.

1. Make Your High-selling Products Visible

Retail store sales can also be increased when shopping becomes easy. Be responsible for arranging your product shelves in a way that will enable the consumers to see the products easily and quickly.

Hence, remember to stock edibles such as chips, sweets, and other snacks in the aisles you first will often meet with the customers as these are the most in-demand ones. Hence, for instance, they will get more revenue.

2. Rotate Items on Your Shelves

Imagine this, that’s you placing the palm oil bottles on the third shelf of the first aisle at your store. Consumers now have where to point their eyes at palm oil. But now you go to the shelf to select hair spray. So, when the consumer goes to a certain shelf, he or she encounters another product that either or may not at all be in tune with his/her need. It doesn’t matter what happens to your inventory, your potential customer will definitely have a glimpse at more of it. This will paint you the character of your inventory size, thereby shooting up the sales of your supermarket/retail store.

3. Make Product Bundles in Related Categories

In addition to the above strategies, raise your supermarket sales as follows:

There are instances when they forget and stuff not on their list is being bought. It can, however, be turned to our advantage if you create product bundles.

As an example, (can also be done as), you can create a product bundle comprising detergents, soaps for bathing (soap), shampoo, face wash, and hair conditioner. By any chance, if a customer misses either of these, he/she will definitely remember it when he/she encounters it. In any case, customers may prefer to buy single products for convenience purposes though the products would be located on different shelves.

4. Reduce Customer’s Waiting Time at the Store

Every customer abhors the tedious process of a long wait in the queue for your turn at the billing counters. Being stuck between every minute waiting for salespeople can turn into a real problem for customers.

The time of waiting and the hassle will be reduced and thus, consumers will find their shopping more easy and more pleasant, which means more sales for our shop. Self Check-Out Customer options offered through the Retail Software are an excellent convenience for your customers.

5. Ensure Fast Billing Experience for Customers 

Billing is a crucial link between the entire shopping experience and the store owner and customers as well. Include a few billing options such as debit cards, credit cards, or UPI to make the process of getting billed easier. Besides, you can include payment options for self-checkouts, using modern solutions like POS.

6. Create Product Offers & Promotional Deals

Discounts or special offers on products drive up product demand which is common knowledge. Here in Promotions Management, you can persuade your customers to buy by offering them discounts and launching promotion campaigns on selected products.

7. Start Customer Referral Programs

You may, in turn, implement referral programs for your own customers who may bring forth new customers for you. This works just as same as a word-of-mouth referral system, which lets new customers know about the business on the basis of the rewards that already existing customers are offered.

As an example, you can give your client a 5% discount on the selected products or cash back on every new client that comes, after being referred by him.


Increasing product sales at the supermarket requires you to follow several tips and tricks, just like the ones mentioned above. Run a profitable and successful grocery business by staying on the right track of progress and following useful ways with the help of professional partners like Kirana Friends.