In the UK, leading organisations strive to provide top healthcare solutions for organisations in Cheshire, with Apollo Education UK at the forefront. Apollo Education UK Healthcare Solutions is a pioneering initiative that offers a strong platform for those aiming to establish a prestigious global career in medicine.

Doctors working together on medical research

This comprehensive effort supports a wide range of healthcare professionals, from experienced doctors and devoted nurses to skilled paramedics and enthusiastic medical students. In partnership with the renowned Apollo Hospitals Group, Apollo Education UK commits to delivering a variety of detailed services designed to foster career growth within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

At the heart of Apollo Education UK’s mission lies a steadfast dedication to enhancing medical education in the UK. The initiative actively assists in placing aspiring healthcare professionals in esteemed NHS hospitals, providing them with essential hands-on experience and exposure. This strategic alliance with leading healthcare institutions in the UK not only helps to elevate medical expertise locally but also amplifies its influence globally.

Believing strongly in the transformative effect of education and practical experience, Apollo Education UK healthcare solutions for organisations in Cheshire serve as a gateway to opportunities for those committed to advancing healthcare excellence. Through its innovative programs and partnerships, Apollo Education UK continually moulds the future of healthcare professionals, equipping them to address the changing needs of the medical field both in the UK and internationally.

Apollo Education UK’s Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Organisations in Cheshire

AEUK plays a crucial role in fulfilling the healthcare needs of organisations in Cheshire. It specialises in sourcing healthcare professionals from various disciplines, offering a customised approach to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Below are the key ways AEUK delivers healthcare solutions for organisations in Cheshire:

  • Recruitment of Healthcare Specialists

AEUK excels at recruiting highly skilled healthcare professionals, including nurses, radiographers, radiologists, consultants, and participants in the MRCP Programme. The recruitment process is thorough, encompassing detailed screenings, NMC registration for nurses, and compliance checks.

  • Customised Solutions

AEUK recognises the unique healthcare demands of each organisation. Consequently, it offers tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of organisations in Cheshire. This flexibility ensures that organisations receive resources that are well-suited to their medical staffing needs.

  • Global Deployment of Medical Expertise

AEUK also plays a role in the global deployment of medical expertise. This effort helps raise healthcare standards worldwide. Through partnerships with healthcare institutions in the UK, AEUK expands its impact, offering global healthcare solutions.

The Significant Advantages of Healthcare Solutions in the Business Environment

  • Access to a Pool of Skilled Professionals: Organisations gain access to a broad database of skilled professionals, many of whom have received training and gained experience at the Apollo Hospital Group.
  • Rigorous Screening Process: AEUK implements a rigorous screening process for all candidates, ensuring that organisations are provided with qualified and experienced healthcare staff.
  • Extensive Support: AEUK provides comprehensive support that spans from recruitment and cultural adaptation assistance to visa processing and deployment, offering a full spectrum of services to organisations.

Apollo Education UK

Apollo Education UK excels in providing skilled healthcare professionals to NHS trusts and private clients throughout the UK. Their team possesses a profound understanding of the needs of healthcare organisations and effectively matches them with qualified professionals from around the world in various disciplines.

In 2018, Apollo Education UK expanded its presence in the UK by purchasing the Crewe campus of Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with the University of Buckingham. This acquisition facilitated the creation of the Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus, which offers specialised Medicine courses designed to address the growing need for healthcare professionals.

An In-depth Examination of Apollo Education UK’s MRCP Programme

The Apollo Education UK MRCP Programme is renowned worldwide for its stringent curriculum and thorough assessments. Administered by the Royal College of Physicians, this programme establishes benchmarks for medical education and practice. It features examinations tailored to assess the knowledge, clinical skills, and competencies of candidates, ensuring that graduates are adequately prepared to meet contemporary healthcare challenges.

Eligibility for the MRCP Programme

Candidates aspiring to enroll in the MRCP Programme must hold an MBBS degree and have completed MRCP, or possess an MBBS and MD degrees before pursuing the MRCP Programme.

Key Features of the MRCP Programme

  • The MRCP Programme is a one-year Clinical Leadership programme hosted within an NHS Hospital in England.
  • There is no requirement for previous or post-MRCP experience.
  • Participants spend 60% of their time working in their respective departments, while the remaining 40% is dedicated to clinical leadership training.
  • This placement is considered a Middle-grade speciality Doctor post in NHS England.
  • Doctors enrolled in the programme are eligible for a Tier 2 Skilled worker visa, which also allows them to bring their dependents (spouses and children) to the UK.


Apollo Education UK is at the forefront of transforming healthcare solutions for organisations in Cheshire and beyond, expertly matching the needs of organisations with skilled healthcare professionals. Through its strategic partnerships and innovative programs, Apollo Education UK not only enhances local medical expertise but also elevates global healthcare standards, solidifying its role as a leader in healthcare solutions.