Professor Dave Waters used to say, “Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is here.” The way AI is growing shows the importance of this revolutionary technology in all industries. From mobile phones to reviving closed ones, AI is making things like a wow.  Most appliance brands have started using Artificial Intelligence to make their products smarter and easier.  In this blog, we are going to learn about the trending news covering this technology and how AI Development Companies can make a change.

KFC & Taco Bell’s Experiment:

Fast food giants KFC and Taco Bell are also moving in this direction. Guess what? The AI way. They want to use AI to make their restaurants run more efficiently. This means using AI for tasks like preparing food in the kitchen. Yum Brands’ chief digital and technology officer, Joe Park, says they’re investing more in technology and automation. About 45% of their sales are now digital, up from 2019.

The company believes in an “AI-first mentality” for running quick-service restaurants. They’ve even created a mobile app called ‘SuperApp’ to help restaurant managers with day-to-day operations.        

China Reviving Loved Ones:

In China, during the tomb-sweeping festival, where people honor their ancestors, a new trend is growing. Instead of traditional ways, some are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to connect with their departed loved ones.

For a small fee, Chinese internet users can create digital avatars of their relatives. Recently, a father used AI to recreate his daughter, who passed away. Even with just a short audio clip, he managed to make a video of her singing.

China’s AI industry is growing, especially in creating lifelike digital avatars. Livestreamers, who are popular in China, are using AI to clone themselves to promote products. However, not everyone is comfortable with this trend. Some feel it brings up painful memories, and there are debates about whether such content should be regulated.

The Future of AI:

In 2024, the Artificial Intelligence market is predicted to hit $305.90bn and is set to grow at 15.83% annually until 2030, reaching $738.80bn. The United States will lead with a market size of $106.50bn in 2024.  This report explains the future of AI looks promising.     AI will help doctors treat people better and make cars drive by themselves. In school, it might help teachers teach us better. AI will also make movies and games more exciting. 

But there are some problems too. People worry about AI taking away jobs and using our personal information in bad ways. We need to be careful and think about how to use AI responsibly. If we do it right, AI could make life better for everyone.

How to make revenues with AI?

If you’re planning to make revenues using this tech, there are a lot of opportunities that are booming in the industry.  I will note down the top 3 AI development-related revenue-based business ideas.  

  • Chatbots Development

Chatbots are hot right now! Every industry needs them. So, why not make your own? You could create one for healthcare, business, writing, selling whatever. There are numerous AI Chatbot Development Companies out there to make your dream into reality. These smart bots, powered by AI, can change how things work in different fields. They’re like helpful digital pals, making life easier and catching the attention of businesses wanting to improve.

  • AI in Business 

Already running a business? Integrate AI into your existing app to increase productivity and automate complex tasks. AI Development Companies are offering services like using AI to improve client services, from communication to project tracking. AI tackles those time-consuming tasks, leaving you free to focus on the big earnings. 

  • AI with Blockchain

Combining AI with Blockchain is one of the great business ideas to make money. AI helps in making decisions better and faster, which is good for many types of businesses. When you put AI and Blockchain together, it helps businesses save money and avoid mistakes. This mix can create new ways to make money, especially in finance, healthcare, and how things are made and delivered. So, using AI with Blockchain Development is a smart way for businesses to grow and make profits. 


In conclusion, looking at how AI has improved from KFC’s experiment to China’s big changes shows us how much it’s changed our lives. AI is something we use every day. AI has made a big difference in many areas, like healthcare, money, and how we get around. It helps us do things faster, and smarter, and sometimes even predicts what we need before we know it ourselves. But we need to use it wisely to make sure it helps everyone and makes the world a better place.