A wedding is the purest declaration of love in this world. It is a day when two people promise each other to be there, for better or for worse. And as much as people say it is the biggest day of a bride’s life, the groom’s often seeped into the shadows with all the preparations. Choices and of course, their clothing and fashion. But not anymore, gone are the days when the men wore the same 5 kurtas that they have had since college to every party, every occasion, and even to their wedding! Hence, Kaadambini brings you the ultimate guide of 5 essential outfits for the groom from Sangeet to Reception which includes royal sherwani to ethnic party kurta pajamas for men

  • Dulhae Ki Sherwani

If the Dulha doesn’t wear a Sherwani on his wedding, is he even a Dulha?! It is the most timeless piece of grace and elegance showcased in the quintessential Bollywood movie that every big fat Indian wedding loves. The groom needs to be the talking point of the wedding sometimes, doesn’t he? Hence this piece of clothing can be worn on the Sangeet and be the “Chaar Chand” of the event, with intricate designs, embroidery, and the most beautiful royal and magnificent colors that will make the groom like the fashionista he truly is. 

  1. Simplicity at its best; The Kurta

Now, a Kurta can be something very simple but can be one of the best options for certain occasions. A fabulous kurta has an amazing pop of color and minimalistic yet intricate embroidery. A Kurta like this can go on a Sangeet and especially on Haldi. A pop of color with that vibrant yellow in it, a style recipe. Choosing a party wear kurta made from lightweight and breathable fabric is the way to go about it as it strikes a perfect balance of extreme comfort and hardcore style. 

  • Dashing in Modish

A reception is a big deal for every bride and groom as it is an after party for the celebration of their marriage. It is a party, isn’t it? So you can never go wrong with a dashing tailor-made suit. There is something about a man in a suit that makes everyone’s jaw drop as the gentleman’s look will never go out of style. It is a versatile choice because it embodies sophistication with class. It exudes confidence, fills the person up with power, and makes the best first and last impression on everyone. 

  • Dreamy Jodhpuri

A Jodhpuri fashion piece is a fashion statement that is bold, classic, and unique. Boasting a beautiful dreamy jacket that looks royal and magnificent which is made of the best fabric and gorgeous embroidery designs with vibrant colours. It is one of the pioneers of ethnic clothing which is so chic and sophisticated that it is definitely unparalleled. It has a luxurious feel for most events like the reception, Roka, Sangeet and so much more. 

  • Indo-Western Dynamics

 Traditions with modern, everyone loves a fusion encore! It is inspired by the best attire combinations which can be characterized by any sort of clothing, from a kurta and jeans to a Nehru jacket with a dhoti, it is endless. It can be any ideal outfit for anyone who is thinking to style comfort with a statement of style. This fusion style is ideal for pre-wedding ceremonies such as Mehendi or Haldi, bringing a modern twist to tradition.


Hence, in preparing for your wedding, your outfit plays one of the most important and crucial roles in making your first and last impression. The grandeur of weddings and the magnificent pre-wedding ceremonies are enough of what you need to worry about. So, let Kaadambini take care of your outfit selection and make you forget about that headache. The versatile and wide range offered by Kaadambini is going to be your unique ensemble for your style and background. Kaadambini’s exceptional workmanship and attention to detail ensure that every groom looks and feels his best on their wedding day. From party kurta pajamas for men, to Jodhpuri Jackets, and Indo-Western looks, Kaadambini has it all. So don’t settle for anything less and embrace the elegance and magnificent collection from Kaadambini for all your wedding dreams.