Every year brings new design trends into the mix, and only time will tell which ones are simple flash in the pan fads, and which ones will last. Some trends, however, are timeless, and we feel we have pinpointed the ideas that will benefit your garden space in the long term. Outdoor furnishings, creating eco-friendly gardens, and the process of upcycling have remained popular trends for the last couple of years, and only seem to be in to hurry to go anywhere. In this article, we look at some of our favourite garden trends to take forward in 2024, from sustainable garden ideas to decorative flourishes. Let’s begin.


Your garden should feel like an extension of your home, rather than a separate space entirely. It is important to decorate your space accordingly, to give it a more interesting sense of design flair. Outdoor furniture provides both a practical and aesthetic benefit when added to your space and gives you a place to sit back and relax in or entertain guests. Which material you choose for your furniture depends on your own design tastes, and thankfully, there an abundance of options available, including timber, metal, recycled plastic, wicker, and rattan.

Once you have selected your furniture, you can begin to embellish it with outdoor furnishings. These include waterproof cushions, blankets, and waterproof rugs, which can help to create a gorgeous feeling of textural diversity in your space. Add these on top of a garden patio or decking space, and hey presto! You have your own high quality outdoor seating space.

Sustainable Gardening

Many homeowners are looking for ways to create an eco-friendlier environment in their garden spaces. Often, these changes can be minimal in terms of effort, but can still provide a significant benefit in the health of your garden. These include letting your lawn grow wild, which encourages a broader biodiversity in your space, or making your own fertiliser in compost bins from garden waste.

Additionally, you can grow your own produce, an effectively transform your space into a practical, functional outdoor kitchen. Growing vegetables is an incredibly rewarding experience, as there’s nothing quite tucking into a meal that you have had some hand in sourcing yourself.


Keeping with the sustainable theme, the trend of “upcycling” is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and may in fact become more prevalent with the rise of more kitsch garden design aesthetics. Upcycling describes the process of taking an item and repurposing it into something new, giving your garden a quirky, individualistic flair, and a clear sense of character.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas, look around your home and garden to see what you are no longer using, and consider how its purpose could be changed. For example, old rubber car tyres and rusted watering cans could be repurposed as novelty planters. Not sure else to use? Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest are perfect places to get inspiration for your space.

Embrace The Shed

Outside of a place to store tools, we would encourage you to try to make more out of the humble garden shed. Creating a shed with Perspex or glass windows can make it a great place for growing plants at a consistent temperature, a place to indulge in hobbies, or simply somewhere to relax. The rise in the kitsch aesthetic means brighter, sunnier coloured paint could be ideal to decorate the surface of your shed, making an eye-catching focal point for your outdoor designs.

Alternatively, you can cover the surface of the boards with composite cladding, which is available in a variety of high-quality colours. These colours are generally darker, but there are more neutral tones available, such as a sandy olive green, or a dark grey, which can help the more vibrant colours of your planting stand out.

Upgrade Your Fencing

Garden fencing is an often-overlooked piece of garden design, but there are many advantages to properly considering how your fencing could change the look and feel of your outdoor space. For example, by investing in trellises and vertical planters, you can create a “living fence,” which helps you to feel that you are properly surrounded by nature. Decorative metal screens too, like outdoor furnishings, can give another added visual texture to your garden, creating interesting shadows and silhouettes.

If your fencing has have become tired and faded, it may benefit from a fresh pop of vibrant colour. You can choose to either repaint you’re fencing with your chosen colour or replace your panels entirely with a more modern upgrading. Composite fencing, for example, comes supplied in a range of rich, premium colours, removing the time-consuming task of laboriously and evenly painting each individual panel.

Garden Where You Can

It may be that you are reading this article with a feeling of longing, as you may not have a garden to call your own. As many people live in flat buildings, this is far more common than you may think. However, a growing trend is for people to create small gardens in the limited spaces they have. These can include hanging planters for windowsills, small plots built into balcony spaces, or investing in indoor plants.

Spending time surrounded by nature has provable benefits for our physical health and emotional wellbeing, so it is important to try and carve out your own little pocket of the outside world. Why not reach out to your local allotment to see if there is available space? This would allow you to grow your own produce and planting, away from the limitations of your own space.

To conclude, there are many garden ideas that you can take forward in 2024, from creating a sustainable space, making more use out of your shed, to finding an area where you can cultivate your planting. Even smaller changes can benefit your garden project enormously. We hope you have found this article instructive and informative, and that they help to positively transform your garden for the long term. Thank you for reading!