Discover insightful research-based predictions for the world of cybersecurity in 2024 by Gartner.

Gartner’s cybersecurity predictions for 2024

Trend 1: Generative AI offers a long-term promise but is skeptical in the short-run
Trend 2: Increased reliance on Outcome Driven Metrics (ODM)
Trend 3: Organizations boost behavior and culture programs to reduce human risks
Trend 4: Increased focus on resilience-oriented investments and third-party risk management
Trend 5: Continuous threat exposure management programs gain momentum
Trend 6: Extending the Role of Identity & Access Management to Improve Cybersecurity Outcomes Essential Gartner Insights derived from the predictions

Gartner’s cybersecurity predictions for 2024

There is a solid long-term hope for Generative AI but prompt fatigue in the short run
Outcome Driven Metrics will become the basis of the cybersecurity investment strategy
Security Behavior and Cultural Programs (SBCPs) will gain traction over Security Awareness Programs (SAP)
By 2026, all the organizations that have prioritized their security investments based on Continuous Threat Exposure Management will have reduced breaches by two-thirds
By 2027, 50% of CISOs from large enterprises will have adopted human-centric security design practices

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