It’s the best-in-class gaming monitor for true gamers. Excellent colors, wide-viewing angle, outstanding refresh speed and long warranty.

Great Benefits:

The Geonix 24” IPS Monitor, is a new marvel in the Gaming industry, with a host of benefits:

  1. A sleek and elegant design
  2. Sturdy & durable construction
  3. Stylish & tough base
  4. Large Screen Real-Estate(23.8”).
  5. High Resolution: 1920×1080
  6. Powerful LED Backlight
  7. Flicker Free
  8. HDMI interface
  9. Gentle on eyes

Product Description:

This marvelous monitor boasts a dot pitch of 0.2745mm, ensuring crisp visuals and getting rid of those pesky display tearing problems. The LED backlight, with an evaluation ratio of 3000:1 (static) and a dynamic ratio of 20000000:1, brings your video games to life in lovely element.

However, it’s not just all good looks – this monitor has brains too! With a brief 14ms response time, you’ll revel in gaming without a touch of lag. And speak approximately a wide view! 178 tiers horizontally and vertically manner you might not omit a thing.

Worried approximately eye stress throughout those marathon gaming sessions? Flicker-Free era and a Blue Light Filter have got you included. The Geonix screen cares about your eyes as plenty as you care approximately that high rating.

Did we mention the 75Hz refresh rate? Say goodbye to stuttering and motion blur – every frame is crystal clean. With 16.7 million colors and a 3000:1 comparison ratio, this screen would not just show pictures; it showcases a visual masterpiece.

Connectivity? Covered. HDMI and VGA ports ensure compatibility along with your Xbox, PC, laptop, and extra. The frameless design provides a touch of beauty, and the ergonomic tilt guarantees you discover the precise viewing attitude.

Furthermore, our gaming monitor prices are quite reasonable, accompanied by three years of warranty services. Moreover, when considering the best Computer TFT 24-inch monitor, we are widely recognized as the top-notch brand for premium IT peripherals.

But wait, there’s more! The Geonix 24-INCH IPS Monitor comes with a 3-year warranty. We believe our products are as good as you believe in defeating your opponents.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can level up your gaming experience with Geonix? Get ready to conquer virtual worlds with simple graphics, eye-friendly technology, and subtle aesthetics. Your gaming throne is waiting.