In this article we are going to talk about one of the most important advantages of wearing or opting for Invisalign aligners. We are going to see how you can benefit from the prospect of opting for Invisalign aligners especially when it comes down to the choice of food and beverages. If you are looking for Invisalign in Manteca, and orthodontist in Manteca, consider Live Smile Laugh.

You can drink and eat anything you like when you have Invisalign aligners. This is one of the most important benefits of opting for Invisalign aligners. It is something which gives Invisalign aligners a solid edge over the braces. When you have braces on, there is an endless list of verboten foods. That means, you will have to avoid a wide array of food items. This is one of the major issues with the traditional metal or even the new ceramic braces. For example, you are forbidden from eating gums, or any kind of chewy food items such as candies and caramel. You will also be asked not to eat items which are really solid and requires the used of your teeth, such as nuts. Similarly, you cannot eat items which can stick to your teeth such as popcorn.

This can easily make your eating and dietary habits boring. It can take some of te best delicacies off your menu for about a year or two. For instance, you cannot have steaks or hard nuts such as almonds. Even if you are willing to have a nice juicy apple, you will have to cut it into smaller pieces before you can eat it, simply because you have to avoid the act of chewing as much as possible. You will have to experience a similar thing with carrots. What is the problem with hard and chewy and sticky food items? The problem is that when you are chewing on hard and chewy food items you risk the brackets being broken off. And as far as the chewy and stick food items are concerned, they can get stuck to your teeth and it can be quite frustrating. Hence, it is extremely important that you take special care of your eating habits. If the chewy and sticky food get stuck to the apparatus, then they provide the most conducive environment for bacteria to breed. This can lead to formation of bacteria which can cause tooth decay and periodontal diseases which can be very irksome and serious if not treated properly. Invisalign aligners on the other hand can be simply removed before you opt for a meal. You can put them back on your own after you are done with your meal. This means that you can eat anything you like. There will be no restrictions.

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