The immigration process, especially when it involves family reunification, often requires proof of biological relationships. DNA tests have become crucial to confirm these relationships, facilitating smoother immigration proceedings. Like many other regions in Jaipur, DNA tests are essential to reuniting families and guaranteeing compliance with immigration laws. Understanding the process of Immigration DNA tests in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is critical for those navigating the immigrant journey.

Process of Sample Collection

If both parties live in Jaipur, their DNA sample is collected at our nearby collection center. If one party resides abroad, their DNA samples are collected in their respective country.

First, the case reference number is generated for the Indian party. Then, the same case number is shared with the other party living abroad to get their sample collected at an authorized lab. When both samples are collected at the testing facility, they go for analysis.

Types of Immigration DNA Tests

An Immigration DNA test can be used for different configurations according to the relationship involved:

  • Paternal Test
  • Maternal Test
  • Grandparentage Test
  • Siblingship Test
  • Avuncular Test
  • Kinship Test

Why Immigration DNA Test is Important?

Immigration DNA testing serves several important purposes in the immigration process:

  • Immigration DNA tests often verify biological relationships between familial relationships. In cases where official documentation is insufficient, DNA tests offer proof to support family relationship claims.
  • DNA testing is reliable for establishing biological relationships in cases of doubt regarding the claimed family relationship between individuals.
  • In some countries, DNA testing is compulsory in the immigration procedure, especially when there are doubts or queries about family relationships.
  • DNA testing helps prevent fraudulent immigration claims, such as people falsely claiming familial relationships to gain entry into a new country.
  • DNA testing can expedite the immigration procedure by providing conclusive proof of family relationships. It can also help reduce delays caused by a lack of uncertainty or documentation.
  • DNA test protects children’s rights by confirming biological relationships and preventing trafficking or exploitation under false family claims.

Why Choose Us for Accurate Immigration DNA Tests in Jaipur?

DDC Laboratories India is a highly reputable and reliable company specializing in DNA testing services. Our expertise in providing accurate and dependable immigration DNA tests in Jaipur is unmatched. We are proud to be the only provider of accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our extensive immigration DNA tests are designed to cater to various requirements, including paternity, maternity, sibling, and ancestry testing. With our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and a team of experienced professionals, we ensure that our clients receive the highest accuracy and efficiency in their DNA testing procedures.

  • MOJ-Accredited DNA Tests for the United Kingdom Immigration
  • AABB-Accredited DNA Tests for the United States of America Immigration
  • CIC-Accredited DNA Tests for Canadian Immigration
  • NATA-Accredited DNA Tests for Australian Immigration

We have an excellent track record of successfully offering DNA testing services in India & abroad for many years. The following are some critical factors that make us the most trusted DNA testing companies:

  • Have 250+ collection centers globally
  • Provide the immigration DNA testing report within 8-10 working days
  • We have extensive experience in DNA tests for immigration, including in Canada, the USA, Australia, Europe, etc.

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