Thank you for choosing SyncMo in seamless synchronization technology for your Magic Motion device. This guide will introduce you to the basic features of the app, so you can start enjoying your product right away.

To launch SyncMo

For Mac Users, open the Launchpad on your desktop, by choosing this icon in the Dock at the bottom of your screen.


Once you have opened the Launchpad you will find the SyncMo icon with your other apps.

For Windows Users, Select Start > Settings > Apps > SyncMo, Apps can also be found on Start.

When launching SyncMo for the first time, you will be taken to the setup wizard.

You will now be asked to enter your License Key.


-For universal version (SyncMo Magic Motion Edition), select Later to be taken to the launch page with options to purchase a license and start 7 day trial. Choose “7-day trial” and then purchase the license after use.



-For Xone edition, please refer to the activation card included in your package to enter your license key.

Authorisation is now complete.

SyncMo is Now Activated

Press the SyncMo Icon in the navigation bar, the Adult Toy Settings window will open below and select “enabled”. (Please make sure that your computer has Bluetooth is turned on)


Search for Devices

Then in Adult Toy Settings select “Add Device”. Your adult toy will appear under the search section. Select the adult toy to connect.


If you do not see your device, please make sure your adult toy is switched on and is in discovery mode.

Now your toy is connected. (the section will be green)


You can find quick settings for controlling how SyncMo reacts to content by using the quick setting button at the bottom of Adult Toy Settings.

Action Sensitivity  

High: Very reactive to all sexual or suggestive movement

Medium: React when there is a moderate amount of activity

Low: Only react to scenes with lots of activity

Cruise Control

Stop: When there is no activity your toys will stop completely

Cruise: When there is no activity, your toys will enter a special mode to maintain arousal until the action picks up again (this does different things for different types of stimulation devices)

High: When there is no activity, your toys will will keep going at a normal low activity level


Choose Some Content You Want to Watch

Type in the search bar the type of content or website you wish to watch. Searches are private and

secure. You can also simply use the address bar at the top of the window.


When you watch video content or live streams, a video overlay will appear in the top left of the video.


You can take temporary control of your toys using the following override shortcuts.


Advanced Settings


Here you can control how SyncMo displays and interacts with video content.

Show Video Control: Here you can choose to show or hide the video overlay.

Video Control Style: Choose the video overlay style. Full shows a full textual and graphical overlay, and Compact simply shows a discreet graphical overlay which uses colours to show different statuses. Dial shows a dial which indicates excitement levels sent to your sex toy

Video Control Position: You can change the position of video overlay.

Hide Video Control in Fullscreen: You can also choose to hide the overlay when in fullscreen mode for better immersion.

Require Manual Activation: This option stops video analysis from starting until you press on the video control to “Activate AI Control”, for each video that you watch.

Advanced Toy Settings

Here you can control how your adult toy reacts to the content you are watching.

Action Sensitivity: You can choose how sensitive your toy is to motion.

Cruise Control: You can also choose what your toy does when the motion stops between scenes.

Enable Custom Intensity: You can artificially increase or decrease the commands sent to your toy, if you are either finding it hard to last long during content, or finding reactions to content not enough to maintain arousal (Warning: This will make your toy inaccurate

in relation to the content)

Advanced Extra Settings

Here you can change or adjust special settings that are not needed during normal usage of SyncMo.

Blur Video During Active Session: Here you can choose blur the video you have selected so the toy syncs to the action without seeing the video on screen.

Local Player Delay Reduction: You can adjust this to control how early commands are sent your adult toys to help with synchronisation issues.

Minimum Video Duration For Auto Activation: You can adjust this to control the minimum video duration that SyncMo will automatically begin analysis for. This helps to avoid things like adverts. If you wish to watch very short content, you will need to either click on the video control in the top left of the video, or lower this setting.

Local Video Player(Offline Content Player)

The Local Player allows you to sync your adult toys to local video files or to other applications.

You can access it from the launch page by choosing “Local Video Player”


Click on the player area to choose the local videos you wish to play.

NOTE: You can select multiple videos in the same folder


Hover your mouse over the right hand side of the player to show the playlist control.

Use the “+” sign at the top of the playlist window to add videos to it.


Sync Your Toys to Different Applications

Using the Local Video Player you can synchronise your adult toys to any other application on your computer. This allows you to use SyncMo with video games, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Video

Player software, or anything else you may want SyncMo to analyse for sexual motion.

Sync Options

Sync To Window: You will most likely want to use this option over Sync To Screen as it will not accidentally analyse other things that you may have open. Make sure that the application you want to sync to is open and is not maximised or in fullscreen to ensure it is listed as available. After selecting it, you are free to maximise it or make it fullscreen as you wish.

Sync To Screen: If you wish to sync to an application that only works in fullscreen then use this option. After selecting this option, you will need to manually switch to the application you want your toys to react to.

Note When using Sync To Screen: looking at SyncMo will create a hall of mirrors effect. This is harmless and can be ignored.

*NOTE FOR MACOS USERS: During the first time you use this option you may be asked by macOS to give SyncMo permission to use Screen Recording.

 Article From: Getting Started with SyncMo: A Beginner’s Guide