Danieli Group CEO, Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, started his career shortly after completing his studies in electrical engineering. After getting the degree, he embarked on a professional journey marked by a long series of significant accomplishments. Thanks to his leadership, the Group has solidified its status as a global leader in the field of industrial machinery manufacturing and contributed to shaping the future of the sector.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli

The professional journey of Giacomo Mareschi Danieli, Danieli Group CEO

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member at Danieli Group, a global industrial machinery manufacturer with over 100 years in the field. Under his leadership, the Group has consistently invested into research and development which is what allowed the company to advance pioneering solutions based on environmental sustainability and technological innovation. His business choices played a crucial role in the affirmation of Danieli Group as a global leader within the sector and also helped shape the future of the metal industry in general. Giacomo Mareschi Danieli started his professional career after obtaining his Electrical Engineering degree from Milan’s Polytechnic University in 2005. It was in 2006 that he joined the steel making division of Danieli Group, called ABS (Acciaierie Bertoli Safau). This experience introduced him to the world of steel production, letting him deepen his knowledge on the field. After that, he embarked on an international journey that led him to take on roles of responsibilities on Danieli’s construction sites throughout the world. He has been in Abu Dhabi and Ukraine to fill the roles of Project Coordinator and Site Manager: he was the one who took care of overseeing the Interpipe Project for the Group. He has also been to Thailand to assume the role of Head of Macro-planning at Danieli Far East Ltd. Three years later, he earned the position of Chief Executive Officer and in 2009 he joined Danieli Group’s Board of Directors.

Giacomo Mareschi Danieli’s role in the success of Danieli Group

When Giacomo Mareschi Danieli returned to Italy, he was handed the rains of Danieli Group’s Plant Engineering department. In this capacity, he managed the commercial operations for multi-line projects and also supervised the product lines of several departments, including Danieli Centro Cranes, Danieli Hydraulics, Danieli Environment System, and Danieli Center Metallics. 2017 marked a significant milestone in his career since he was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member of the Group. The international experiences and the varied roles he has taken on during his career are what enabled Giacomo Mareschi Danieli to acquire a diverse skill set ranging from engineering and technological innovation to sustainability endeavors, the same that contributed to the establishing of Danieli Group as a global leader in the industrial machinery manufacturing sector. With Giacomo Mareschi Danieli at the helm, the company continuously leads revolutionary initiatives that propel automation in metal processing, further reinforcing its commitment towards innovation and environmental sustainability. After all, Danieli Group’s main mission is precisely that of providing cutting-edge process automation and control systems tailored for the metal industry.