Bookmarks are one of the most famous marketing tools that any business can use. It is the perfect thing for all the book lovers and readers in the UK. It is easy to customise; note down each option that you want to have in it. Doesn’t matter if you are a profit organisation or a non-profit one. This tool has specific features that can work for you. Pick affordable bookmark printing in UK and attract more customers towards your products.

This marketing and branding tool can help customers remember any event in which they received this product, such as a trade show, a wedding, a game show and so on. Also, it can be utilised as a discount coupon, promotional material, and in many other ways. There are several professional companies who can customise it according to your upcoming events and your requirements. 

Creative Ideas for Affordable Bookmark Printing in UK

There are several creative ideas that professionals use to make these bookmarks with top-quality choices. Always go with exceptional choices so that customers and audiences will love each detail that you add to your products. Here are a few creative ideas you must review to add; each choice has amazing features, so have a look:

Die Cutting:

Bookmarks can be in any cut, shape, or size. If you are an ice cream business, you can pick an ice cream shape to entice your viewers. The same goes for other brands; you can pick your famous product and design it accordingly. Attractive cuts and shapes always have special attention and thus have more chances to raise sales. 

Full-Colour Printing:

When you go with full-colour choice for your bookmarks, you unlock a variety of vibrant and striking colours. It is perfect for having amazing graphics, writing fonts, relevant images and creative designs. 

It allows you for unlimited colour choices.

You can go with your own brand’s colour choices for logos, images, and many more things.

You get a room to play with creative colour schemes. 

Full-colour printing is a cost-effective way for every business. 

Perfect solution for bulk printing bookmarks. 

Choose quality services from professionals and design an alluring bookmark for your preferences. You can also get full-colour printing services for brochures and flyers. 

Spot Colour Printing:

With spot-colouring printing choices, you have the opportunity to create custom bookmarks that have limited colour choices. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a reputable business presence in the market. It allows newbies and smaller running businesses to stay consistent. Also, it is considered more affordable than full-colour printing. 

Matte or Glossy Lamination:

Once you have selected printing choices, you have the option to get it laminated in a shiny or dull look. If you want to make your products decent, you can choose matte lamination. And if you want to add a luxury look, you can pick glossy lamination. Both of these features secure the prints with a coating layer. You can get customised poster printing as a marketing tool with matte or glossy lamination. 

Debossing or Embossing:

Prints are not feasible as they may disappear at a time, so for that purpose, two amazing techniques are used, known as debossing and embossing. 

Debossing: It is a printing technique that is done with the use of heat and pressure on any design, graphics, writings, or anything else in the bookmark you want to customise. 

Embossing: In embossing, a die is stocked like a stamp that raises images of the paper. It adds a luxurious feel to the products. 

Choose what impression you want to add to your products and add attraction to it. Get professional assistance today. 

Foil Stamping:

It is a printing method that also uses the combination of heat and pressure to have a foiling effect on the paper. It can be of your choice, whether golden, silver, copper and so on. It is a metallic look that grabs the attention of viewers just in one look. If you want to add a luxurious touch to your products, you can pick foil stamping that makes a lasting impression and stays on it for a long time. You can get anything: brand logo, brand image, brand message or any tagline with this feature. 

Summing Up:

Make your bookmarks attractive, mesmerising and striking with all custom choices. With affordable bookmark printing in UK you can easily attract more viewers. Enhance your brand’s worth and get recognised in the market by giving discount coupons via bookmarks. Also, add a QR code for your customers to use effectively.