The Grab Bucket Attachment Mounted on a Caterpillar 307 Amphibious Excavator is an incredibly useful piece of equipment in the River Amphibious Excavator Industry. It is designed specifically to make amphibious excavations safer, more efficient, and more reliable in river environments.

The grab bucket arm is designed with heavy-duty boom arm pipes and steel construction to be extremely durable and handle the toughest river and mud ground conditions. It is also equipped with an advanced hydraulic system for quick and efficient operation and precision positioning.

The attachment can be used to scoop and remove objects from the riverbed, as well as handle dredging tasks such as silt removal and pile removal. With its specially designed rubber tracks, the Caterpillar 307 can reach even the most difficult sloping and shallow river beds easily and safely. This attachment is the perfect choice for any task that requires the excavation of objects and materials from a river or lake.

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