The Glock 19, first introduced in 1988, is a highly popular and slightly more compact alternative to the G17, and in the same chambering.

It offers great capacity, remarkable reliability, a better extractor and recoil spring, and improved modularity, including the rail under the slide.

But could the G19 be better? For sure, with some of these Glock 19 upgrades.

A Threaded Barrel
The threaded barrel itself is only half of the upgrade for what it allows. With a threaded barrel, you can then add muzzle devices like suppressors or compensators to your Glock, which will reduce muzzle pop and recoil.

If you’re going to get a threaded barrel, keep two other things in mind. One is that any time you’re not shooting with a muzzle device installed, you use a thread protector to cover the threads.

The other is that if you’re going to replace your barrel in the first place, get a nitrided barrel that will offer a higher degree of protection against wear and corrosion. Another alternative is a fluted barrel which will incur weight reduction and which will also improve heat dissipation.

A Compensator
With that threaded barrel, we can get into the real upgrade: a compensator for your G19. These are special muzzle devices that help cut felt recoil by as much as 50%, without affecting shot power at all.

In other words, you can make faster, more accurate follow up shots and enjoy all of the other benefits that come along with lower recoil.

An Upgraded Firing Pin
Not that there’s anything wrong with the stock Glock firing pin, but it’s not as durable as some aftermarket solutions.

If you’re going to go through all of that, you might as well get a titanium or nitrided steel firing pin. Some of these aftermarket solutions have a superior heat treatment and will last longer.

A Tungsten Guide Rod
Glock’s stock guide rods are made of polymer, like much of the rest of the gun. They’re strong, but they’re not as strong as steel or tungsten, and nowhere near as heavy.

A tungsten guide rod’s added weight is a good thing as it adds mass to the muzzle which helps keep the muzzle down, counteracting muzzle flip.

See that little bit of rail section under the slide, in front of the trigger guard? It’s prime real estate for mounting a WML, or weapon-mounted light, which will help keep you ahead of things that go bump in the night.

What you can’t see can kill you, and a WML can be your best asset in the dark, particularly if you keep your G19 for home defense.

Where to Find These Basic but Effective Glock 19 Upgrades
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