If the users Bigpond email account is hacked then they should take an immediate action to

secure their account. Here we mentioned steps to which will help user to recover Bigpond email

hacked account:

1) The users have to try to change their Password. In order to change password the users

are required to visit Bigpond login page and click on the “Forgotten password” or “Reset

Password” link. The system will ask the users to verify their identity which include

alternate email address or mobile number.

2) Once the users regain access to their account make sure to update the account

recovery option.

3) The users have to enable two factor authentications for additional layer of security. This

process involves receiving a code on the mobile device or email address that must be

entered in addition to the password.

4) Make sure to run a full antivirus scan the computer. Sometimes Malicious software could

lead for unauthorized access.

5) The users should check their email settings and confirm if there are any unauthorized


6) The users are required to check their account recent activity or login history. Some email

client providers have the features to show the users about recent login and locations. If

any suspicious activity is notify then contact to Bigpond customer care for assistance.

These are the several guide lines to recover Bigpond Email hacked account. For more

information and guidance the users are requested to contact Bigpond tech service.

More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/blog/bigpond-customer-support-melbourne/