Here are 10 tips for customized drapes that only professionals know


Firstly, the bedroom curtains should be made of high-density polyester, which provides a sense of thickness and a good shading effect


Choose cotton and linen for the living room, without shading, to ensure sufficient breathability


Secondly, I don’t want the curtains to be too monotonous. Pairing them with a layer of gauze curtains can enhance the appearance, and I want them to be transparent and not transparent to people. Just choose Phantom Yarn, which has high density, good drape, and scratch resistance, making it a safe choice for pet owners.


Thirdly, don’t be fooled by merchants. You can say that wrinkles need to be made 2.5 times to be upscale, which is not necessary. If your home is more than four meters wide, choose twice, and less than four meters choose 1.8 times.


Fourthly, it’s already 2022, so don’t do any more double-matching of curtain colors. Poor matching can be particularly tacky. Nowadays, people are pursuing minimalist style, and solid-colored curtains are more atmospheric. The color is either the same as the wall or the bedding hanging picture, echoing each other and not easy to get dizzy.


Fifthly, make sure to install a curtain box with hidden tracks and fabric tips


Sixth, if the curtains want to be pulled smoothly and durable, it is best to choose aluminum alloy materials with a thickness of more than two millimeters for the sliding rail, and it must be embedded with a silent strip


Seventh, traditional four-claw hooks should not be chosen as they are not easy to wear and may become loose after prolonged use. Instead, stainless steel S-hooks are easy to disassemble.


Eighth, buying curtains is charged by meter, and choosing a high fabric is the most cost-effective option. You only need to decide how wide you want to buy. If your home’s height exceeds 2.8 meters, choosing a wide fabric is more cost-effective. However, it is important to remember that after buying the curtains, it is best to wash them once, as the darker the color, the easier it is for formaldehyde to exceed the standard.


Ninth, it is important to be cautious when purchasing curtains online. Although it may be cheaper than physical stores, making a decision based solely on pictures may result in color differences in the actual product. It is important to first look at the sample and feel the true texture upon receiving it.


Tenth, remember to reserve the width of the curtain box before installing the curtains, with a single track width of 15 centimeters and a double track width of 20 centimeters. For electric curtains, the potential should be planned in advance