Hero Glamour
Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour Features

The Hero Glamour comes with cool features that make your riding experience better. It has a digital console that’s easy to use and shows important info quickly. The side stand indicator and the lockable fuel filler cap make things more convenient. Plus, there’s a handy USB charging port for your gadgets. And here’s the cool part – it’s got a fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth! This means you can use turn-by-turn navigation and see your phone notifications right on your bike. It’s the first of its kind in this category!

Hero Glamour Engine Specifications

The Hero Glamour is powered by a lively 125cc engine that produces 10.83PS at 7,500rpm and 10.6Nm at 6,000rpm. This engine offers a great mix of power and efficiency, making it perfect for both everyday commuting and relaxed rides. The bike is equipped with i3S start-stop technology and comes with a 5-speed gearbox. Its structure features a diamond-type frame, a telescopic fork, dual shock absorbers, and 18-inch wheels.

Hero Glamour Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Glamour has a new diamond-type frame, which is connected to a front fork and rear shock absorbers. The front travel has increased by 14%, and the rear travel has increased by 10%. The base variant of Glamour has a 240mm disc brake at the front and a 130mm drum brake at the rear. The ground clearance is now 180mm, which is 30mm more than the previous BS4 Glamour. Additionally, the bike offers an optional front disc. The rear tyre, with a width of 100mm, is stopped by a drum brake.


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