Hero Glamour Xtec
Hero Glamour Xtec

Hero Glamour XTEC Features

The Hero Glamour XTEC bike has extra cool stuff and safety features compared to the regular version. It has a fancy digital screen that shows all the usual stuff like speed and how far you’ve gone. But it also shows how many miles you can go on the fuel you have left, and it can connect to your phone using Bluetooth. That means it can let you know if someone is calling or texting you while you’re riding.


It’s not just about staying connected, though. This bike can help you find your way with turn-by-turn directions on the digital screen. Plus, it has a super bright LED headlight to help you see better at night. And if your phone is running low on battery, no worries! There’s a USB port where you can charge it up.


But safety is a big deal too. The Glamour XTEC has some clever features to keep you safe. If you forget to put the side stand up before you start riding, the engine will automatically turn off. And if by any chance the bike falls over, there’s a sensor that shuts off the engine to keep you from getting hurt.

Hero Glamour XTEC Engine Specifications

The Hero Glamour Xtec has a special engine that meets the BS6.2 standards. It’s a 124.7cc engine that stays cool with air and uses fuel injection. This engine can make 10.84 horsepower at 7500 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 10.7 Newton-meters of torque at 6000 rpm. It works with a gearbox that has 5 speeds.

Hero Glamour XTEC Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Glamour Xtec has simple parts that make it easy to ride. It has a regular fork in the front and adjustable shock absorbers in the back. To stop, it has a big disc brake in the front (if you get the Disc version) or a smaller drum brake (if you get the Drum version). In the back, it has another drum brake.


For tires, it uses a certain size in the front and a slightly different size in the back. The bike sits high off the ground, which helps it go over bumps and things on the road.


The seat isn’t too high off the ground, making it easy for riders to reach the ground. And the gas tank can hold up to 10 liters of fuel.


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