Hero Passion Plus
Hero Passion Plus

Hero Passion Plus Price

The 2024 Hero Passion Plus is a stylish and affordable motorcycle option for those looking for reliability and performance on the road. It is available in a single variant, ensuring that customers can enjoy its features without the confusion of multiple models. Priced at Rs 76,301 (ex-showroom Delhi), this motorcycle offers great value for money.


When it comes to choosing the perfect color to match your style, the 2023 Hero Passion Plus gives you three exciting options to pick from. You can go for the vibrant and energetic Sports Red, the sleek and classic Black Nexus Blue, or the bold and sophisticated Black Heavy Grey. With these color choices, riders can express their personality and preferences on the road.

Hero Passion Plus Features

The Hero Passion Plus has cool new stuff like a lockable box for keeping your stuff safe. It also has a fancy dashboard that shows you things like how far you’ve traveled and how fast you’re going. Plus, it even tells you when the side stand is down, so you don’t forget and tip over!


And here’s a neat trick: Hero’s special i3s technology makes the engine turn off when you’re stopped for a while, like in traffic. This saves gas and is great for busy city streets!

Hero Passion Plus Engine Specifications

The Hero Passion Plus has a small engine that keeps it running smoothly. It’s like a little heart inside the bike! This engine is 97.2cc in size and uses air to stay cool. It’s a single-cylinder engine, meaning it has just one cylinder helping it work. This engine can make the bike go up to 8PS of power and produces 8.05Nm of torque, which helps with acceleration and pulling power.


Interestingly, this same engine can also be found in other Hero bikes like the Splendor Plus, HF Deluxe, and HF 100. It’s like they all share the same strong heart to power them up!

Hero Passion Plus Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Passion Plus has brakes that are 130mm drums in both the front and rear. Its suspension system includes telescopic forks and twin shocks to keep your ride smooth. The seat height is 790mm, it can hold up to 11 litres of fuel, and it weighs 115kg when fully loaded.


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