Hero Xtreme 125R
Hero Xtreme 125R

Hero Xtreme 125R Price

The Hero Xtreme 125R bike has two different versions to choose from. In Delhi, you can buy the version with Integrated Braking Technology (IBT) for Rs 95,000. IBT is Hero’s way of saying it has a combined braking system. The other version, which has single-channel ABS, costs Rs 99,500. You can get this bike in three colors: Cobalt Blue, Firestorm Red, and Stallion Black.

Hero Xtreme 125R Features

The Xtreme 125R bike has some cool features that make it stand out in its class.


First off, it’s got full LED lights, including a projector headlight and hazard lights. That means better visibility and safety on the road.


The instrument panel is fully digital and easy to read, even in low light. It shows you important stuff like how fast you’re going, how much fuel you have left, and how far you’ve traveled. Plus, it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth to give you alerts for calls and texts.


Another neat feature is the i3S technology, which automatically shuts off the engine when you’re stopped for a while, like at a traffic light. This helps save fuel and reduce emissions, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

Hero Xtreme 125R Engine Specifications

The Hero Xtreme 125R runs on a brand new engine called the SPRINT (Smooth Power Response and Instant Torque) engine. It’s a 125cc engine that stays cool with air and has just one cylinder. This engine can make the bike go up to 11.55 horsepower at 8250 rotations per minute (rpm). When you start from a standstill, the bike can reach 60 kilometers per hour (kmph) in about 5.9 seconds. It’s also claimed to give you about 66 kilometers for every liter of fuel you use.


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