Newly installed braces can cause huge problem; in the sense that you are most likely to have constant soreness in the gums and the teeth and even swelling, redness and heightened sensitivity. This sensitization is actually quite common, especially for a few days after the braces have been installed.

however, there are ample ways in which this pain or discomfort can be quelled. In this article we shall try and focus on some of these hacks and tips to ensure that you are able to bear and quell the discomfort and pain in the irksome days post-installation of braces. If you are looking for Invisalign in Kansas City and kids dentist in Kansas City, consider KC Braces and Kids.


By wax we mean orthodontic wax; which by the way, can be a brilliant solution for your issues with braces, with regards to the discomfort. Usually, your orthodontist will give you or prescribe you an orthodontic wax after the procedure has been completed. The wax provides a protective coating over the gums and other sensitive part of the oral cavity against the rough and hard metallic surface of the apparatus inside your mouth.

In all likelihood your orthodontist will provide you with the direction to use the wax. The application is quite simple as you can simply apply the wax on the part which is causing the irritation. The good thing about the wax is that it is non-toxic, which means even if you accidentally swallow some of it, it is perfectly alright and you do not have to worry about anything. However, having said that, it is equally important to establish that you take off the wax before eating and before brushing your teeth; you can reapply the wax after meal and brushing.

A warm rinse:

A warm rinse can be an excellent way to calm the sensitive zones. You have to make a warm salt solution and try gurgling with it. Cold compress therapy is excellent when you have swelling. Warm salt water will heal cuts and bruises on the gums and the inner lips caused by the brushing of the same on the hard metal surfaces.

Gum massage:

the term ‘Gum Massage’ may sound a little odd; but trust me, it exists and it can do wonders on sore gums caused by inflammation from the hard metal chunks from the apparatus. And as a matter of fact, it is quite easy to perform as well. Wash your fore finger first and then insert it insider the oral cavity and gently rub it on the gums in circular fashion. Make sure your hands are clean and your finger nails cut short to avoid accidental bruising of the gums.

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