What is Underpinning?

It is done in order to strengthen the foundation of your house and make it less susceptible to falling due to a weak base. A house underpinning and restumping services are required when its foundation cracks are wider than ¼ inch or there are signs of faulty foundation like diagonal cracks.

What is Restumping?

 House underpinning and restumping services is a procedure in which the stumps of a house are either rearranged or replaced. This procedure can only be done in a house that uses stump subflooring.

When is Underpinning or Restumping needed?

Restumping is needed in the following cases:

  • The stumps might settle into the soil overtime that is when restumping is required.
  • If there are wooden stumps, they might get worn out with time due to moisture. That is when restumping comes into action.
  • When renovating, restumping might be needed to help add strain to your house.

House underpinning is needed in the following cases:

  • The foundation of the house has become weak.
  • The purpose of structure has changed.
  • Soil under the foundation has changed.
  • New construction nearby
  • The load capacity has changed.

Types of Stumps

  • Wooden Stumps: These are not used nowadays as they are weak and rot over time.
  • Steel Stumps: These are used as they are strong, do not rot and can be deformed and reformed on site which is a great advantage.
  • Concrete Stumps: These are also used nowadays and are very useful in terms of strength.

Do I need to Get Restumping Services?

You may house underpinning and restumping services if you answer any of these questions as ‘yes’.

  • Are the interior walls cracking?
  • Has the flooring become soft?
  • Is the brickwork cracking outside?
  • Are your doors and windows not functioning properly?

If you notice such issues then you might be in need of a house restumping.

How is Underpinning and Restumping done?

  • First, the area to be restumped is noted.
  • Second, the worn out stumps are taken down completely.
  • Thirdly, the stumps are either packed out for the sake of settling or are removed and replaced with new stumps.

There are Several Methods of Underpinning a House which will be discussed below:

  • Mass concrete method: This is a popular method, where squares are dug in the foundation and systematically concrete is   filled in each square. This requires a lot of manual work and happens to be the oldest method of underpinning. It has not changed since its inception.
  • Beam and base method: In this method, a beam of concrete is made. This beam can be put under or above the existing base to make it stronger. It is a method which is technically more advanced but has been adapted from mass concrete method.
  • Mini piled underpinning: Driven steel case mini piles are used to improve the base where reaching the required place is not easy and the environmental conditions are also of no help at all. It requires a lot of technical work and you may see a lot of engineers on the work site.
  • Expanding resin injection: In this, resin and a hardener are injected into the ground and they react to form a foundation that is stronger than before.

House underpinning and restumping services are very expensive as well as time-consuming procedures. But it is essential that you get it done only from the professionals and do not compromise the quality of the work because if done incorrectly, the need for repair would arrive early and there are strong chances that the building might collapse altogether.