Honda Livo
Honda Livo

Honda Livo Price

The Honda Livo comes in two types: one with drum brakes and the other with disc brakes. The one with drum brakes costs Rs. 78,500, and the one with disc brakes costs Rs. 82,500 (these prices are for picking up from the showroom in Delhi). You can choose from three different colors: Black, Athletic Blue Metallic, and Matt Crust Metallic.

Honda Livo Features

The Honda Livo has a special screen on its dashboard that shows important details about riding. It tells you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve traveled, and how much fuel you have left. It also shows you how much mileage you’re getting, warns you when your fuel is low, and reminds you when it’s time for a service. Plus, it has a handy button to start and stop the engine, and a feature that stops the engine if you forget to put the side stand up.

Honda Livo EngineĀ 

The Honda Livo has a powerful engine that meets the BS6.2 standards. It’s a 109.51cc engine cooled by air and fuel injected. This engine produces 8.79 horsepower at 7,500 rotations per minute (rpm) and 9.30 Newton meters of torque at 5,500 rpm. It works with a 4-speed transmission. One cool feature is the ACG starter motor system which allows the engine to start quietly without any sudden jolts.

Honda Livo Suspension and Brakes

The Honda Livo is a bike that’s strong and smooth. It’s got a special frame that’s shaped like a diamond, making it sturdy. At the front, it has a part called a telescopic fork, and at the back, there’s a special shock absorber that helps make your ride comfortable. You can even adjust how soft or hard it is!


When it comes to stopping, the Livo has good brakes. If you get the disc variant, there’s a big 240 mm disc at the front, or if you prefer the drum, it’s 130 mm. Both types have a 130 mm drum brake at the back. And the tires are special too, they’re big and tubeless, which means they’re safer and less likely to get flat. Plus, there’s a smart brake system that helps you stop quickly and safely.


The Livo is good at handling bumps in the road, with 163mm of space between the ground and the bike’s bottom. And if you’re wondering if you can reach the ground comfortably, the seat is at a height of 790 mm, making it easy for most people. It can carry a lot of fuel too, with a tank that holds up to 9 litres. And despite being strong, it’s not too heavy, weighing in at 113 kg.


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