Honda Livo
Honda Livo

Honda Livo Price

The Honda Livo bike starts at Rs 78,500 for the basic version. It has a 130mm drum brake in the front. If you go for the version with a disc brake, it has a larger 240mm front disc and costs Rs 82,500 (excluding taxes) in Delhi showrooms.

Honda Livo Features

The Honda Livo has a cool sporty look with a sleek headlamp cover. It uses halogen lights all over. The speedometer is a classic dial style, but it also has a digital screen for showing fuel level, distance traveled, and trip info. However, it doesn’t have fancy features like showing real-time mileage or how far you can go on the fuel left. Still, it’s got some neat stuff like an engine kill switch and Honda’s quiet starter, making sure the engine starts smoothly and quietly.

Honda Livo Engine Specifications

The Honda Livo has a small but powerful engine that’s easy to maintain. It’s connected to a 4-speed transmission, just like the Honda CD 110 Dream. The engine is designed with special features to make it more efficient, like a cooling system for the piston, special rocker arms, and a unique cylinder design. This helps the bike go further on less fuel. The engine can produce 8.79 horsepower at 7500 rotations per minute (rpm) and 9.30 Newton-meters of torque at 5500 rpm.

Honda Livo Suspension and Brakes

The Livo bike has a special front suspension and two shock absorbers in the back to make your ride smoother. It has two kinds of brakes: a big disc brake or a smaller drum brake in the front, and another drum brake in the back. These brakes come with a feature called CBS to help you stop safely. To save fuel, the back tires are designed to reduce friction, while the front tires are regular tubeless ones.


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