Honda Shine
Honda Shine

Honda Shine Price

The Honda Shine comes in two types: Drum and Disc. The Drum one costs Rs 79,800 and the Disc one costs Rs 83,800 (both prices are for Delhi). You can choose from five colors for both types: Black, Genny Grey Metallic, Decent Blue Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, and Matte Axis Grey Metallic.

Honda Shine Features

The Honda Shine is a fantastic bike that offers you all the essentials you need for a smooth ride. It’s designed with a special silent start system, so you can turn it on without making much noise, which is great for not disturbing others around you. Additionally, it’s equipped with an engine kill switch, making it super convenient to shut off the engine when you need to, saving fuel and reducing emissions.


But that’s not all! The Honda Shine also features sleek alloy wheels, adding a touch of style to your ride while ensuring stability and durability on the road.


When it comes to keeping track of your journey, the Honda Shine’s dashboard has got you covered. Its all-analogue instrument console includes useful features like a speedometer to keep an eye on your speed, an odometer to track how far you’ve traveled, and a fuel gauge so you always know when it’s time to fill up. Plus, it comes with tell-tale lights that alert you to important information, ensuring you stay informed and safe while on the go.


With its combination of practical features and stylish design, the Honda Shine is the perfect choice for riders who want a reliable and comfortable biking experience.

Honda Shine Suspension and Brakes

The Honda Shine has regular parts like suspension, brakes, and tires. It has a telescopic fork and adjustable dual coil springs at the back. The tires are 80/100-18 and tubeless for both the front and back.


There are two versions of the Shine: one with drum brakes and another with disc brakes. The drum version has 130 mm brakes for both wheels, while the disc version has a 240 mm brake for the front wheel.


The seat height of the Honda Shine is 791 mm, and it has a ground clearance of 162 mm. Its fuel tank can hold 10.5 liters of fuel, and it weighs 113 kg.

Honda Shine Engine Specifications

The Honda Shine, a popular commuter motorcycle, is equipped with a reliable and efficient single-cylinder engine. This engine, boasting a displacement of 123.94 cubic centimeters, is designed to keep cool through the use of air. This means it doesn’t rely on liquid cooling systems, keeping things simple and easy to maintain.


Paired with the engine is a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox, allowing riders to find the right balance of power and efficiency for their journey. Whether cruising on the highway or navigating through city streets, the Honda Shine delivers dependable performance.


When you twist the throttle, the engine responds eagerly, delivering a maximum power output of 10.74 horsepower at 7,500 rotations per minute (rpm). This translates to brisk acceleration and confident overtaking maneuvers when needed. Additionally, at lower engine speeds, such as when cruising or navigating through traffic, the engine produces a healthy 11 Newton-meters of torque at 6,000 rpm. This torque helps provide the necessary pulling power for smooth and effortless riding in various conditions.


In essence, the Honda Shine combines practical engineering with user-friendly performance, making it an ideal choice for commuters and riders seeking reliability and ease of use in their everyday journeys.


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