Introduced as a midrange server in the 1980s, the IBM iSeries AS400 still remains a cornerstone across industries. Synonymous with reliability and adaptability, AS400 offers a comprehensive ecosystem capable of fulfilling the multifaceted demands of businesses. That said, these age-old systems are not without their challenges. Organizations that rely on AS400 systems are likely to experience frequent downtime, decreased productivity, and security vulnerabilities from time to time. If unattended, these issues may metamorphose into bigger problems down the line, grinding operations to a halt.  

And that’s where AS400 services come into the picture. AS400 managed services providers act as steadfast allies, helping your business alleviate the burden associated with AS400 maintenance. In this blog, we’ll deep dive into the indispensable role of AS400 services and explore why investing in these solutions is a strategic move, rather than a mere expense.  

5 Ways AS400 Services Boost Business Performance 

  1. Integration with Modern Technology 
  2. Enhancing System Reliability and Stability 
  3. Mitigating Security Risks 
  4. Consulting & Strategic Guidance 
  5. Backup and Recovery 

1. Integration with Modern Technology: Legacy AS400 systems come with their own set of challenges such as unplanned downtime, operational efficiencies, and security vulnerabilities. AS400 managed services help bridge this gap by facilitating seamless integration of AS400 systems with modern technologies such as cloud and web services; this allows businesses to harness the full potential of their age-old systems. For instance, an organization grappling with outdated AS400 applications can boost agility, scalability, and security by migrating their applications to the public cloud.  

2. Enhancing System Reliability and Stability: AS400 managed services also play a vital role in maintaining the reliability and stability of your system infrastructure. AS400 service providers proactively monitor your systems, which means any problem can be quickly identified, understood and resolved-avoiding critical issues down the line. By regularly maintaining and updating your AS400 environments, these services help your business operate smoothly without any disruption to day-to-day operations. Consider a financial institution that relies on AS400 for its core banking operations – by collaborating with an AS400 managed services provider, they can ensure uninterrupted service to customers even during peak hours, without worrying about system failures.  

3. Mitigating Security Risks: While AS400 systems are considered secure, modern-day cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated with changing technology. Such a scenario calls for advanced security measures. AS400 services help implement end-to-end security measures such as access controls, data encryption, intrusion detection, and regular audits to mitigate these risks, making businesses resilient against the evolving threat landscape. By incorporating necessary security practices and staying abreast of emerging threats, AS400 support providers help businesses maintain regulatory compliance, protect their assets, and preserve customer trust. 

4. Consulting & Strategic Guidance: To make the most of their AS400 systems, organizations need a reliable consulting partner. By crafting and implementing the right-fit strategy, organizations can meet the unique demands of their AS400 environments. AS400 managed services enable businesses to access a team of experienced professionals who provide strategic guidance and recommendations on optimizing their AS400 environments in alignment with their objectives. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, AS400 service providers empower organizations to extract maximum ROI from their tech investments and realize sustained growth.  

5. Backup & Recovery: Effective backup helps organizations quickly recover from data loss in the event of an emergency: hardware failure, malware attack, data corruption, or natural disaster. AS400 managed services offer comprehensive backup and recovery solutions, which means your business can create copies of sensitive files and access them instantly whenever needed. With a trusted AS400 partner to count on, organizations can protect their data against unforeseen events, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.  

Wrapping Up 

As organizations navigate a complex business environment, AS400 managed services have emerged as a strategic imperative. With a trusted IBM AS400 consulting company by their side, businesses can address the challenges associated with legacy systems and achieve new levels of efficiency, security, and performance. Investing in AS400 services is, therefore, not a luxury, but a necessity for organizations seeking to future-proof their IT infrastructure and maintain a competitive advantage.