Adding accessories is like putting the last touches on your home to make it truly yours. Even if your space is well-designed, it might still seem a bit empty without these finishing touches. One popular way people enhance their design is by using vases. With various styles, colors, materials, and textures, adding vases can quickly make your home look even better! But when there are lots of styles and shapes, figuring out how to fit a Designer Vase into your home design can be confusing. This blog is here to help you out!

Incorporating Designer Vases into Different Interior Designs

1. Focal Point: To make a designer vase fit into your home style, you need to place it where it catches the eye. In simple rooms with not much decoration one striking vase on a clear surface can enhance the overall look. But if your style is more mixed or laid-back, you can put together a bunch of designer vases, to make a lively and interesting centerpiece.

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2. Complementary Color: Pick a designer vase color that goes well with the colors in your room. If your space has mostly neutral colors, a bright and colorful vase can make it livelier. Kosta Boda Vase can be a smart choice as these come in different colors and shapes.  If your room has specific colors, choose a vase that goes along with them or stands out, making the design look interesting and put together.

3. Textural Contrast: Incorporating the designer vase’s texture into a space can improve the overall appearance. If you have a glass vase, put it on a wooden tray. The smooth glass will feel different from the natural, earthy wood. If you have a ceramic vase, try putting it on a woven rug. The rough ceramic against the soft and detailed rug creates a cool look and feel in your room.

4. Greenery or Not: Decide if your fancy vase looks better by itself or with some plants. In modern designs, a simple vase can be sufficient to enhance the looks of your home interior. But in designs that are more about nature, putting flowers or plants in the vase brings a bit of nature inside and makes the whole room feel nicer.

If you think about these things, your designer vase will fit in nicely with any style, making the room look even better. The Design Lover is a source where you can discover different styles of vases at one place with attractive prices.