If the HP printer is not behaving well or getting shut down situation so there might be plenty of causes or reasons. If you wish to resolve the HP Printer not working issue then, read the instructions.

Check the physical connection: Ensure that, all the cables or wires are connected properly.

Check the Level of the Ink: You must check the level of the ink because due to the low level of ink, you may face the not working issue on the HP printer.

Factory Reset: Try to reset the HP printer using the factory reset button.

Reboot your HP printer: After applying any process, you must try to reboot your HP printer, but if you are still getting an HP Printer Not Working issue then, try another solution.

Set as a Default:

Hit on the run from the COMMAND PROMPT.

Write the CONTROL PANEL & hit on the DEVICE & PRINTER option.

Hit on SET PRINTER AS A DEFAULT then, tap on the PRINTER icon.

Update HP Printer Firmware:

Go to the HP SMART APP, then pick the SETTINGS & MANAGEMENT option.

Now, Choose the EWS and hit on the UPDATE file.

Clear the Existing Print Command:

Choose the START OR WINDOWS icon.


Now, go to the DEVICE & PRINTER.

After that, you may choose the SEE WHAT’S PRINTING facility.

Pick CANCEL ALL DOCUMENTS and tap on Yes.