Before or after completing your travel with Frontier Airlines, if you get any issues or if you want any information about airline policies, check-in information, lost baggage complaints, last-minute flights, etc, then you can also get assistance from Frontier Airlines customer service team. To communicate with them you need to make the call to this number 720 902 39 69 and then choose the language in which you are looking to continue the call. After that, go through the options of the IVR and opt such which relates to the queries; lastly, your call will transferred to the expert.

Can I text Frontier Airlines?

Yes, you can also use the text option to share your queries and the text option will help most of those customers who get issues such as long call holds, voice breaks, network glitches, etc, while connecting over a call. To send the queries over text, you must use the points to open any message application on your device. After going into the new message section and in the section of “TO,” mention this 42862. Then in the message section, you have to type “HELP” and then send that message. The expert who is updating that message section will provide you with solutions.

Does Frontier Airlines have 24-hour customer service?

Yes, the customer service team of Frontier Airlines is available 24 hours a day, and this 24-hour representative will help you when you want information such as last-minute fights, special assistance for disabled passengers, the status of the flights, etc. Now, only call, but alternative options such as WhatsApp, message, and email all the options are available for 24 hours. But still, in 24 hours, the most convenient time for assistance is early morning, as the number of calls is smaller.

Can I send my queries over WhatsApp to Frontier Airlines customer service?

Yes, you can also send your queries over WhatsApp, and the option will also help you share documents related to the queries, such as flight tickets, medical documents, etc. If you are looking to know how can I talk to a real person on Frontier? By useing the WhatsApp option; then you will need to use the points mentioned below.

  • Save this number 720 902 3969 in such a device where WhatsApp support is available.
  • Then open the Whatsapp section and find out the saved number
  • Tap over the chat icon and mention the complete query
  • Must provide your booking information and necessary contact details.
  • Lastly, send that email and get the revert from the expert who is updating that WhatsApp section.

How do I send my queries over email to Frontier customer service?

Several passengers travel with Frontier Airlines, so to manage those travelers, Frontier provides different modes of communication, and email is one of them. Email is the best option for customers who have certain documents that they want to share with the expert. Customers need to keep in mind that sending the will provide a reply within 24 hours. To send queries over email, follow the points mentioned below.

  • Search for the official Frontier Airlines website
  • Now you need to visit the Contact Us page and tap over the email option
  • Provide your complete query, contact information, your questions, etc
  • Then, you must attach the documents related to the issues and submit the form
  • The executive managing the section of email will provide you with a revert.