You would definitely want to keep your belongings in excellent condition and so you use your garage. Maintaining your garage door on a regular basis can extend its lifespan and save expensive repairs in the future. Make sure your overhead doors function properly for years by following these garage door maintenance tips.

Observe door

The initial stage of garage door maintenance is crucial for locating the more obvious problems with the door. Your garage door will first open and close automatically, then manually. Examine and hear the door: does it operate silently and smoothly? While the door is moving, pay attention to any strange banging sounds or loud noises. Verify that the door isn’t jerky or catching. Does the door feel heavier than usual when opened manually? Take note of any audible or visual cues that indicate a malfunctioning door. You can start fixing the problem if you find anything.

Clear tracks

One easy way to keep your overhead door maintained is to keep the tracks clear. As dirt and debris build up on the tracks over time, obstructions and door malfunctions may result. After using a damp rag to remove dirt and grime from the surface, gently brush any debris from the tracks. Although you can effectively and safely clean your garage door tracks, you should hire professionals to handle any major adjustments or repairs to guarantee that the tracks are fixed correctly.

Tighten hardware

Probably you open your garage door several times a day, and every day. Whenever you open your garage door three or four times a day, you will do so 1,000–1,400 times a year. Over time, the vibration created by this frequent use causes nuts and bolts to loosen. You can easily tighten nuts, bolts, and roller brackets by yourself with a socket wrench and a screwdriver. Take care not to overtighten hardware as this may cause harm and accelerate component wear. Retightening hardware painted red or on the roller fixture’s bottom is not advised. Always leave these tasks to the professionals as tightening or adjusting these components can cause damage to your door or jeopardize safety.

Check cables

Examine cables visually for rips, frays, and other damage. Broken cables can put stress on the components of the door and put the users’ safety in danger. Don’t try to fix or adjust the cables by yourself. High-tension cables are what make your door work. They can be unpredictable, though, and handling them without the right training can be dangerous. Speak with a technician if you notice frayed or broken cables. To keep yourself safe while you wait for the cable to be fixed, park your car outside your home and enter through alternate doors.

Inspect rollers

Garage door rollers guide the door along the track and make it possible for it to open and close smoothly. Examine the rollers for damage, as this can interfere with the track and door’s functionality. Check the rollers for wear, chips, and cracks. As long as the damaged rollers are not directly connected to the cables or cable systems, you can replace them. For optimal performance, keep the rollers and the tracks clear of debris.

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