A decade ago, when we used to ask couples how they met, some would say “We met through common friends.” Later, it’s changed to “We met through a dating app” and now “We met through an AI-powered dating app.”

In this technology-driven era when everything else has gone digital, why not dating? Well, dating mobile apps doesn’t only mean “swiping left or right”, they are now power-packed with AI to offer an advanced experience. Even if people’s expectations and realities of dating apps are different, it can be altered by the use of Artificial Intelligence. That’s what exactly different dating apps have already started doing.

Irrespective of the popularity and success of dating apps, 10% of the online daters quit in three months after using the dating apps. This could be either people have found their match or the app lags behind in offering suitable match. You need to develop a mobile application which retains the most users on average. For that integration of AI into your dating app is one of the smartest steps to take. If you’re aiming to build the best matrimony app, integrating AI can significantly enhance user experience and increase user retention rates.

What makes dating apps appealing?

Dating apps have improved. Now, it comes with social login that helps the users to create an account within a moment. The initial step of entering personal data is made easy as the app extract basic profile information, including likes and dislikes from the social platforms. Linking to different social platforms helps dating apps to verify and authenticate the user’s profile. This, in turn, eliminates any fake profile by upgrading the verification standard of the app.

Additionally, the Geo-positioning feature ensures that the user gets matches from their vicinity. Considering the new trends like gamification is another attractive design elements that appeal user.

The idea of “swiping right and superlikes” have become so omnipresent, that you need to add some fresh features and functionalities for higher user engagement. To stand out in the competition, make AI your new weapon. Here are ways how AI can help to boost dating apps.

  • Identity verification

Identity verification is a much-desired attribute for any dating app. AI capabilities assure to refine the ways app verify the user’s identity. Your dating platform must check the real identity to avoid any ambiguity and guarantee that profiles are genuine. AI will help to verify the authenticity of profiles using complex algorithms that are able to detect fake profiles by spotting patterns and checking social media accounts. It also verifies other details like education level, career, age and so on.

  • Shows better matches with similar interest

AI can capture the behavioral patterns of the users, such as time spent on different sections of the user profiles, clicking on certain features in order to understand the user, etc. For instance, a user has visited 6 profiles and 4 among them mentioned that they like reading books. Now, according to the time spent on these profiles, the system learns that this particular user is interested in people who like reading. On the basis of this information, the system has gathered, it filters and shows matches with similar interest.

  • Detection of risk factors to improve safety

Security is one of the pivotal concerns of any dating app. As screening every person’s profile is almost impossible, so you need to rely on AI to resolve any security concern.

One of the recent AI based-apps named Hilly works by matchmaking algorithms offering “risk score” for each user profile. Based on user passing ID verification, data from the depth of their dialogue, activities over profiles, any complaints, etc. the profile is rated. If a person has a high-risk score, the app will not let other users share their personal information with this particular profile. Similarly, there is another called BetterHalf that claims building world’s largest AI based partner prediction engine based on the past data of millions of married couples.

  • Helps planning the first date

You can let the AI analyze the chat between the users to determine their compatibility and accordingly suggest them when they should go out. Along with this feature, a British app Loveflutter is already suggesting users suitable places to go on a first date that is equidistant from their place. These AI-powered features take the pressure off of approaching each other for the first date creating a better user experience.

Wrapping up

You can think of similar kind of features for your app to offer a wonderful dating experience which will, in turn, increase the retention rate of your users. The popular dating apps in the market like Tinder, Badoo, Truly Madly, Bumble, etc. have already started experimenting with different AI features. Though few organizations are still skeptical that AI can aid searching best match, but I believe the early adopters could disrupt the existing trend of love search.

These trend-setting features are a result of hours of hard work put into development. An app’s performance is its best asset and thus, integrating AI with your dating app will make you stay ahead of the curve.