If you have to choose the fashion item of the year, glasses will be on most people’s list.


All it takes to be nice and cool is a pair of glasses.


Glasses are not like other fashion items, such as body chain, lipstick, etc., that were created with fashion in mind.


The appearance of sunglass near me

Sunglasses, when they first appeared, were not used to block the sun.

In 1752, JamesAyscough made the first spectacles with green or blue colored lenses. Later generations respected him as the originator of sunglasses, but at that time he only thought that such a design could improve people’s visual problems.


During World War II, sunglasses began to be gradually popularized in the United States Army. The image of General MacArthur, the five-star general of the United States, smoking a pipe and wearing Ray-bans is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and people love and love the general’s sunglasses. Ray-ban has become a famous brand of sunglasses and has been sought after by the public.


Before the hit Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” Song Joong-ki dressed in military uniform with a pair of black sunglasses came, so that how many young girls kneeling after the play.


Since then, glasses have had one foot in the fashion circle.


Not simple glasses

Fashion changes so fast, just a few years, a variety of glasses to choose dazzling.


Become more fashionable glasses for this mirror

For example, recently more popular this kind, with thin metal instead of the previous look very heavy frame, looks simple and fashionable, the students who do not like to wear glasses in the past are estimated to use concave shape.


Always a favorite round sunglasses

Round sunglasses with bright colors to wear, gorgeous but no sense of distance, cool but also very cute.


With the color of dim clothes immediately change the royal sister, casual hair, neutral style to wear, girls lift up basically no boys anything.


I picked up the chains I’d thrown away and put them up again

The glasses used to have chains, can be hung on the neck to wear at any time, and finally felt too cumbersome to abandon, now good, and picked up and hung, but have to say, very good haha, fashion icon hands one.


Protruding cross-sex glasses

Simple circles can no longer meet the pursuit of fashion, so there are triangles, four-pointed stars… To be honest, it looks pretty good.


There are this kind of future full of sunglasses, people do not say hidden words, I think it is not good-looking, of course, everyone has different preferences for fashion, and there are a lot of people like it.