Hotmail is prominent in delivering top-notch emailing services to different working professionals, including students, government machinery, and other world wings. This window is primarily a medium of communication between an individual and another individual; however, it is not restricted to it. Being technical in nature, many times, users come across complexities with respect to the same, for example, being unable to log into the account, storage concerns, disabled accounts permanently, and other things. So, you can get an explanation of all the modes through which you can get in touch with the official who will iron out the issues; please have a look:

Connect with the Hotmail official via different channels. 

Dial the digits and speak. 

The primary window you can consider when approaching the Hotmail official is by phone. You must save their phone number, 1800 642 7676, where the official will be assigned to listen to your concerns and offer proper resolutions. However, you have to remember that some IVRs will be listed over a call, so listen to them carefully and choose one for a real person.

Chat with the official and speak.

You can consider a live chat tab as an alternative to a phone call. You can speak to the official on the concerned platform, but for that, you have to follow some steps that are highlighted below; please have a look:

  • Visit the official support page of Hotmail or Microsoft to start the mode.
  • Locate the login window and enter all your ID details to continue.
  • Choose the product for which you want technical support.
  • The chat box may come, tap it, brief the issues, and send them to the official so they can fix them.

What are Hotmail’s customer support hours?

You can connect with the official of Hotmail throughout the week. However, their working hours may differ depending upon the festivals, national holidays, etc.; thus, visit the official webpage where you can find its operational hours.

What is the best time to approach the Hotmail support team?

The best time to get support from Hotmail is on weekdays at or around 11 AM. During this time, the chances of connecting with the official are high, and you may not be put on hold for a long time.

What queries can you cite to the Hotmail support team?

You can know different queries that must be asked to the official of Hotmail, and some of them are explained below; please note them down;

  • Unauthorized access— If you find some suspicious activity in your account, immediately inform the agent so they can fix it.
  • Delete the account— You can also request the official delete your Hotmail account temporarily or permanently.
  • Storage capacity-— If you have no storage in your Hotmail box, you can learn about it or purchase some additional services and ask the agent.

Once you look at the above discussion, you will find the explanation, “How do I contact Hotmail about my account? This belongs to the Hotmail official, who you can call in case of any technical support related to the Hotmail account.