It relies on the type of luggage you misplaced and the location of the loss (aircraft, ticket counter, entrance area, or another region of the airport), as will be covered in more detail below.

You have to move fast in case your checked luggage is lost or is delayed.

In the baggage claim or baggage care center of the airport, inform a Spirit representative and file a problem report or delayed baggage report.

In case you can’t find the office, ask a Spirit agent for assistance at the airport.

After four hours after arrival for local flights, the Event Record needs to be sent in. The submission deadline for foreign flights is 21 days.

Once the incident report is filed. You will receive a File ID.

Here’s what to do if something unexpected disappears from your checked suitcase.

If you left an undetected bag at Spirit’s ticket office, at the gate, or while on board, you must notify.

If you are in another region, you need to contact the Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Items Office at the airport.

Your Spirit Airlines misplaced or abandoned items will be returned to you as soon as possible after being retrieved. All reasonable expenses you incurred, including the Spirit luggage fee, will also be reimbursed to you. If the reason you’re applying is that your luggage wasn’t delivered on time.

Are My Lost Baggage Fees Reimbursed by Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you are entitled to reimbursement from Spirit Airlines for the baggage and its contents under American law.

The maximum liability amounts for lost baggage vary depending on whether the aircraft is domestic or international. Your claim will determine the precise value.

You will not be charged for your checked baggage.

Up to the previously mentioned liability limitations, you may also be able to recover reasonable transitional costs incurred during the delay.

Personal expenses, such as clothing and toiletry charges, could be included in the intermediate expenses because of the wait.

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Original receipts must be presented in order to obtain reimbursement. Photographic reproductions will not be accepted.

For you to get your money back, Spirit might ask you to return the goods you bought.

In the event that your bag is reported missing, the entire settlement sum will be deducted from the refund you have already received. Spirit Airlines Lost and Found department assists in locating misplaced items.

Ways to Report an Incident or Postponed Baggage to Spirit Airlines

You can report an incident to Spirit Airlines using the steps outlined below:

Proceed to the airport’s baggage service or claim area.

Inform a Spirit agent that your belongings have not yet arrived.

It is necessary to file a case report or a report on delayed baggage.

If the flight is domestic inside the United States. The Incident Report must be filed within 4 hours of arrival. Within 21 days of arrival for international flights.

If the paperwork is not turned in within the specified timeframe. You won’t be able to submit a claim.

You will receive a Baggage Irregularity Certificate after submitting the Incident Report. This contains details regarding the Spirit claims process in addition to a File ID that you will require to track down your luggage and, should it be necessary, submit a claim.

How Do I Sign Up for a Baggage Claim with Spirit Airlines?

To be qualified for payment for luggage delay, harm, disappearance, or theft, you must file a claim electronically at Claim. This is the online complaint form (also known as the Spirit Airlines Lost and Found Form). has to be fully completed and include all required papers.

Including invoices for any goods that you say are worth USD 50 or more. These invoices act as documentation of the purchase. Knowing the Spirit Flight Status while in flight is helpful. Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy helps to know the details on the flight that was missed.

You can submit an online baggage claim by following these steps:

  • Go to Claim to view the Baggage Service webpage.
  • Put your last name and the File ID in.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Select the option to File an Online Claim.
  • Enter the required data while you follow the instructions.
  • Add any additional paperwork, such as:
  • Receipts for the claimed items
  • A government-issued picture ID.
  • Press the Submit key.