Facebook Support- Just a few steps away

Facebook, being such a global platform, encounters end number of queries every day. So, if you’re thinking, How do I talk to someone with Facebook? Look no more!

Give Facebook a call!

What do you do when you want to talk to a friend or maybe your long-distance relative? You give them a call, right? Well, the same is applicable to Facebook. To talk to someone with Facebook:

  1. Dial  Facebook customer service phone number
  2. Land Facebook’s Help Center web page: https://m.facebook.com/help/search/?q=contact+facebook to find its customer service contact number.
  3. Upon dialing the number, you will be redirected to an automated call.
  • PRESS 9 to get a live person from Facebook Support.
  • PRESS 9, then 1, to choose your service language.
  1. Follow the prompts to achieve a satisfactory result.

Chat with Facebook?

Speak directly with Facebook using their Live Chat facility available on the official website or the mobile app version, by following a simple procedure:

  • Log in to your existing Facebook account/ business page
  • Go to the Facebook Help Center home page.
  • Scroll down to find the Live Chat column.
  • You’ll get redirected to a Facebook Messenger inbox with an automated process.
  • Pick the ‘Continue chat with a live executive’ option.

If you’re locked out of your Facebook account, Meta has now released a new live chat option to report a cyber crime or cybersecurity-related problems. You may also reach Facebook at their Help Center or email address for any assistance you need.