With the increased adoption of digital tools, service-based organizations are experiencing a massive increase in support cases. 

The help desk service agents need external help to resolve issues efficiently due to multitasking and reliance on outdated legacy systems.

This increases employee disengagement and frustration due to long wait times if no digital tool is utilized as a part of the company’s customer experience strategy.

Here, Generative AI has the potential to significantly enhance the employee experience at help desks by improving efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction.

In this blog, we’ll understand how Gen AI can enhance employee experience at the help desk.

Understanding Gen AI and its Use in Support Service.

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that refers to systems that can generate new and original information based on a few prompts.

Gen AI generates text or images using advanced automation and machine learning (ML) techniques, specifically neural networks, to identify and recreate patterns in existing data.

Traditional AI models adhere to established rules, whereas Gen AI-powered customer experience support models thrive at creativity by providing unique outputs depending on the knowledge gained during training.

By utilizing GenAI in support service, help desk agents can automate the service handling process, give personalized content recommendations, tailor suggestions based on user preferences, and enhance user experiences.

A service desk based on Gen AI can comprehend complex queries and provide contextually appropriate responses on its own. With their outstanding scalability, personalization, and continuous learning capabilities, Generative AI-based service desks are transforming employee support and improving satisfaction.

Automation and Proactivity

GenAI possesses the unique ability to generate human-like responses, which allows the help desk model to proactively address issues without human intervention. 

The AI models understand natural language and generate contextually relevant responses, unlike traditional service desks, which often rely on predefined scripts and workflows. 

The level of human-like responses generated through an AI-based help desk is extremely accurate, which almost eliminates the need for a human representative. This way, the human reps can divide their time to perform high-value tasks. 

Learning and Adaptability

Generative AI-enabled tools showcase continuous learning and adaptability, improving their performance by analyzing patterns in data and updating their models over time. 

Gen-AI’s self-learning ability helps the models to improve over time and generate new content based on interactions with people and employee feedback, freeing up support agents to worry about latest information being passed onto the customers.

Handling Complexity

Gen AI models excel at handling complex and ambiguous queries, demonstrating the capacity to understand context, infer meanings, and provide nuanced responses. Generative AI’s proficiency in handling complexity contributes to more comprehensive and efficient issue resolution.

Gen AI utlizes sentiment analysis to understand whether the users response is positive, negative, or neutral. These models, not only handle the complexity but offer personalization even when solving the query. With a more context-aware support, Gen-AI in help desks induce satisfying user experience and reduce burden of representatives.

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Ways to Improve Employee Support with Generative AI service desks:

  • Automated and Conversational Ticket Resolution
  • Multilingual GenAI Chatbots
  • Interactive Troubleshooting
  • Self Service Portals
  • Conversational Knowledge Base Management

Final Words

Adding Gen AI into your helpdesk systems can save your helpdesk support staff from bad days or even play favorites — it simply runs 24/7/365. While it’s important for support employees to work at their pace and get work done at an expected time, adding tools in their support holds that same level of importance. Partnering with a customer experience consulting company can help you remove bottlenecks from employees’ work processes and help them perform efficiently by implementing GenAI in the help desk.