With time, change is inevitable and as time changes, things do too. The fashion industry has seen major evolution over the years. Fashion started as a basic way of dressing and has turned into a way of expressing oneself. When it comes to menswear fabric, fashion has gone through notable shifts. From the basic 60s era to the recent decade, the whole evolution of men’s fashion is a story of its own. As new trends emerge, we say goodbye to the old ones until they make a comeback. This cycle of trends coming and going has shaped men’s fashion for the better.

In this blog, we will talk about how men’s fashion changed with the evolving times, from the beginning era to the recent one. So, dear readers, let’s take you through the history of fashion growth and development. 

The Simple 60s

The era of the 60s was very simple and plain when it comes to men’s wear. In the 60s, men used to wear basic uniform-like outfits, and the garment expressions were minimal and neutral. From solid white shirts and beige pants with brown/black ties and a briefcase for office to similar shirts and pants for casuals, fashion was not very forward in this period.

The plain rather boring fashion in the 60s paved the way for changes in men’s fashion in the years to come. In the late 60s, men’s fashion started to get more expressive, casual, and colorful. Talking about how has men’s fashion has changed, the fashion point of view for men started to be somewhat at par with women and it was just the beginning!

Mens fashion in 60s

The Stylish 70s

Though the evolutions of fashion for men started in the late 60s, they only caught up in the mid-70s. Checked shirts, paisley, and floral prints were brought to life in men’s fashion. These revolutionary years gave men the ability to express themselves through their clothing style. And the most popular trend that went crazy was flared trousers. Pick any movie from this decade, and you will spot men in flared bottoms. Be it corduroy or basic pants, the bell bottom looks caught on like a fire. Men were spotted wearing all kinds of prints in bright colors and light looks. What began in the mid-70s caught a turn in the 80s decade.

The 80s Punk Culture

Want to know how men’s fashion changed through the 80s? Well, the 80s shaped fashion more expressively, thanks to the music industry. The Punk culture and the gym culture were two great influences on men’s fashion. The decade saw two major additions in the styling arena – suspender belts and sunglasses.

Talking about sunglasses, there wasn’t a single man who didn’t own a pair. Funky sunglasses of different shapes and colors ruled the 80s fashion. With work outfits becoming more sophisticated, suspender belts were introduced. The suspender belts represented economic power and were a contemporary tool to show fanciness. Neon colors belt bags, pouches, and spandex trousers were all the rage for gym wear. 

Mens Fashion in 80s

The Era of the Millennials 

The nostalgic era for all the 90s kids, this decade was a little more socialized when it came to fashion. Men’s fashion was used as a tool to connect specific ideas with specific communities. Messages and images were printed on garments as a way of expression and fashion started to get absorbed by the new generation through TV channels and TV shows.

 The biggest style trend of the 90s has to be high-waisted bottoms. They have made a comeback again in recent years and we know they are everyone’s favorite! The retro fashion was more about comfort and casual wear and denim was a big rage. Garments started to be produced by keeping the younger generation in mind rather than the people in their mid-40s. By the end of this decade, cargo pants and tracksuits started making a buzz. 

The Digital Age of the 2000s

Talking about the last decade and how men’s fashion changed, the 2000s were the beginning of digital devices, and men started needing more space in their garments to carry them. Thus, bigger pockets were introduced and utility garments came into the picture. This era was all about outfits that were multi-purpose and can be used in different situations. 

The white sneakers, for instance, were very practical and went with almost every outfit, even Indian wear. Elegant suits, shirts & jeans with big pockets, were all paired with white shoes. Men started shifting from classic shoes to sneakers and casual footwear. This decade was the start of the sneaker obsession, which only grew with time.

The Era of the Millennials Menswear fashion

And as for the last decade, the 2010s have been an extension of the white sneaker trend along with the comeback of high-waisted everything. Fusion styling has also started building up in the last few years, and men are pairing businesses and casuals together. Be it blazers paired with jeans, or luxe joggers with minimal sneakers, the last decade has made fashion more gender fluid and expressive for men. 


What do you think this decade is going to be for men’s fashion? Which trends are likely to go all out and which are making a comeback? Let us know your thoughts on the current men’s fashion in the comment section below. 

And with that, we have come to the end of this super insightful blog. We hope we were able to reflect on men’s fashion evolution through the years.